23 01, 2023

These two years, why does China die does hold tight live is effect of screw pneumatics function put?

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The air that air compressor regards 4 great power as [...]

23 01, 2023

Graph Wen Bingmao | Clearance of screw compressor rotor adjusts method and measure

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Screw compressor (what the article basically discusses is craft screw compressor and dry type compressor of the screw that do not have oil) bearing, axis seals the overhaul that waits for component and centrifugal type compressor roughly identical, its overhaul core point to depend on realizing rate of clearance of clench the teeth of pair of shade, in relief rotor to adjust through synchronous gear with control. Screw compressor is shade, in relief the helical gear that rotor is a pair of mutual clench the teeth actually, accordingly, will synchronous gear and screw rotor serve as part of a whole to have a consideration, with positive drive the Communist Party of China

19 01, 2023

German GEA screw compresses mechanic to make a principle, saw this article understand completely

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The historical   of screw compressor royal engineering college taught Sweden 1934 Lysholm(Li Siman) invent compressor of gas of type of the first double screw. Begin from 60 time, aircrew of fuel injection double screw applies at refrigeration unit. Swedish SRM company (double screw) invent screw of bilateral asymmetry molded lines above all, make screw machine efficiency rises greatly. 1960 French Zimmern(Xin Maien) (odd screw) the new structure that invents odd screw.

18 01, 2023

3 measure of type selecting of screw pneumatics machine, 4 attentions!

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When a lot of clients are selecting screw pneumatics engine, do not know how to choose, we talk about type selecting of machine of choice screw pneumatics to everybody today, the hope can bring a help to everybody through this article. The 3 measure   of pneumatics machine type selecting 1, when type selecting of machine of pneumatics of affirmatory actuating pressure, want to carry the actuating pressure of a need with gas certainly above all, increase the surplus of 1-2 Bar, choose the pressure of pneumatics machine again, of course, the size that pipeline opens way and turn how many of the dot

18 01, 2023

Machine of 10 kinds of big 36 screw pneumatics is common breakdown and processing technology manual

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The article summed up screw pneumatics machine common breakdown and processing technique consult with offerring. 1, start / jump machine kind common breakdown and processing   2, add / uninstall kind of common breakdown and processing   3, exceed electric current / overload is common breakdown and processing   4, tall, low alewife is common breakdown and processing   5, vibration / abnormal knocking kind

14 01, 2023

Machine of pneumatics of screw of two class fuel injection is energy-saving technology, you must understand!

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Air compressor is the facility with a kind of huge power consumption, its occupy China to generate electricity about with n 7% of gross, its form basically has type of piston, circumgyrate, blade type to wait. Screw compressor is a kind of circumgyrate type compressor, general application is in China each industry domain. Current, the screw of 160kW above reduces functional effect rank inferior, only the product of individual business can reach II level can effect, product of absolutely large number basically is in III class can effect level. Use this technology at present

13 01, 2023

The way of 3 kinds of transmission of screw pneumatics machine, will quickly understand!

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Unscramble screw pneumatics machine for everybody today way of 3 kinds of transmission, way of these 3 kinds of transmission has each different. 1. The wear out condition that engineer of transmission leather belt wants to often check transmission leather belt and degree of tightness are spent, if degree of tightness is spent,adjust undeserved, meeting aggravate wears away or rupture. When the degree of tightness that checks leather belt is spent, usable big toe is in with the force of 40N two leather belt annulus the place intermediate is pressed pressure, sink below commonly 10 one 15mm is advisable. When inspecting leather belt wear out condition, besides the examination its work

12 01, 2023

How is machine of low-pressure screw pneumatics chosen?

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What go up in factory application as a result of pressure is different, can divide for high pressure and low pressure compressor of air of two kinds of screw, well-known, pressure jumps over bad news report higher. So is equipment of aircraft of pneumatics of this low-pressure screw what to what industry uses be? Previously, a few kinds of groovy model such as only 0.7MPa, 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.3MPa can offer helix air compressor choice, but range of the pressure when type selecting is narrow. Most enterprise is selecting engine of low-pressure screw pneumatics

10 01, 2023

The distinction between machine of odd screw pneumatics and machine of double screw pneumatics

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The distinction between machine of odd screw pneumatics and machine of double screw pneumatics can undertake comparative from the following respect: Radial of susceptive of equilibrium odd screw and axial gas force are OK self-poise, astral teeth of a cogwheel bears aeriform force, requirement star teeth of a cogwheel provides some enough strength and stiffness. Double screw rotor bears bigger radial and axial gas force, requirement screw has enough strength and stiffness. Production cost odd screw and astral annulus bearing can choose common bearing, production cost relatively

9 01, 2023

Why to choose without machine of oily screw pneumatics ” high quality ” , is ” low case ” ?

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According to statistic, 15% what occupy an enterprise to always use n about without bad news of function of oily screw pneumatics. Additional, in compressing airy preparation, the electric energy of about 90% by translate into quantity of heat, only the electric energy of 10% is become to compress air by changeover. This shows, the specific power consumption of air compressor is very tremendous. When buying machine of pneumatics of the screw that do not have oil, choosing cheap compressor is understandable, all these are for managing cost and be economical. However, when buying machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil, pass


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