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18 01, 2023

3 measure of type selecting of screw pneumatics machine, 4 attentions!

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When a lot of clients are selecting screw pneumatics engine, do not know how to choose, we talk about type selecting of machine of choice screw pneumatics to everybody today, the hope can bring a help to everybody through this article. The 3 measure   of pneumatics machine type selecting 1, when type selecting of machine of pneumatics of affirmatory actuating pressure, want to carry the actuating pressure of a need with gas certainly above all, increase the surplus of 1-2 Bar, choose the pressure of pneumatics machine again, of course, the size that pipeline opens way and turn how many of the dot

17 01, 2023

Pneumatics machine type selecting, suggest strongly to be done so

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According to not complete count, electric energy of compressor air system uses up the 10%—30% that occupies an enterprise to use phone, compress the 96% wastes for compressor electric energy of air system specific power consumption. Great majority compressor carries low, equipment moving parameter installs efficiency of the existence in travel not ideal, equipment does not match, tubal net controls damage unscientific, system divulges big, inchoate type selecting, factitious demand, incorrect use and the system of impropriety is controlled. Compressing air is

24 12, 2022

Shallow talk about what air compresses a station to transform type selecting

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Those who be in a factory is actual in moving process, the tolerance of frontal a system of fixed quotas for grain production that compresses a station via often can encountering air and differ actually with gas demand bigger, air reduces aircrew working load low, be in blame economy to run the condition of the area, the moving efficiency that brings about air to compress a station drops, create the waste of the sources of energy. Be aimed at afore-mentioned problems, the factory connects regular meeting to compress a station undertake to air energy-saving transform, pass those who adjust air compressor to provide a measure, change the means such as the air compressor with rated lesser capacity, make its

13 12, 2022

Compressor of natural gas BOG is homebred change type selecting and comparative analysis

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Natural gas is a kind of high grade, efficient, clean low carbon the sources of energy, reach with nuclear energy but second birth the sources of energy other low discharge the sources of energy to form benign and complementary, it is the actualest choice that the sources of energy supplies cleanness to change. 2015 consumption of apparent of countrywide natural gas 193.1 billion stere, during 925 ” of “ year all grow 12.4% , accumulative total consumption makes an appointment with 830 billion stere, it is “ 2 of 915 ” consumption

7 12, 2022

PET blows model fill device to optimize exploration with compressor type selecting

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In some project, in get together to benzene glycol of 2 formic acid ester (PET) in the model that blow model and fill unit process of cargo bandling, a very effective measurement plan application makes supply side air and the model that blow model can be completely synchronous, reduced total air to use significantly thereby, improved productivity and quality. The demand side of affirmatory problem system blows model mould composition by 4, the mould that blow model supplies 3 independent fill routes. This factory has their inextricability a few serious operation problems.   


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