When a lot of clients are selecting screw pneumatics engine, do not know how to choose, we talk about type selecting of machine of choice screw pneumatics to everybody today, the hope can bring a help to everybody through this article.

3 measure of pneumatics machine type selecting

1, affirmatory actuating pressure

When pneumatics machine type selecting, want to carry the actuating pressure of a need with gas certainly above all, increase the surplus of 1-2 Bar, choose the pressure of pneumatics machine again, of course, the size that pipeline opens way and turn of the dot more or less be also element of influence pressure losing, pipeline opens way bigger and turn the place is less, criterion pressure loss is smaller; Conversely, criterion pressure loss is bigger.

Accordingly, press of high above in the sky and the span that carry pipeline with gas each leave too far when, should magnify appropriately a diameter that is in charge of a road. If ambient conditions accords with the installation of pneumatics machine to ask and if operating mode allows, can carrying nearby installation with gas.

2, discharge of affirmatory and corresponding cubage

(1) when pneumatics machine type selecting, answer to know the cubage flow of all equipment that use gas first, take the number of discharge with 1.2;

(2) the cubage discharge parameter that knows the equipment that use gas to supplier of the equipment that use gas undertakes pneumatics machine type selecting;

(3) pneumatics machine station is transformed can consult original parameter is worth union to use smell situation actually to undertake type selecting.

3, capacity of affirmatory power supply

In power changeless circumstance falls, when rotate speed happening changes, cubage discharge and actuating pressure also produce change accordingly, rotate speed was reduced, exhaust also decreased accordingly, the rest may be deduced by analogy.

Power of pneumatics machine type selecting is to be below the condition of contented actuating pressure and cubage discharge, the use power that can satisfy place to match drive electric machinery for capacitance can.

4 attentions of pneumatics machine type selecting

1, the size of the on any account that considers exhaust pressure and capacity

According to national level motive force of general use air uses compressor its discharge baric force to be 0.7MPa (7 atmosphere) , old standard is 0.8MPa (namely 8 atmosphere) . Because of machinery of force of pneumatic tool zephyr its design actuating pressure to be 0.4Mpa, because of this pneumatics machine this one actuating pressure can satisfy a requirement completely. If user place is used compressor is more than 0.8MPa to want special type to make commonly, cannot adopt forcibly lest the method of pressure boost causes an accident.

The size of capacity also is one of main parameter of pneumatics machine, the capacity look that the tolerance that selects pneumatics engine wants to need with oneself matchs, leave the surplus that has 10% . If use tolerance big and pneumatics aircraft capacity is small, pneumatic tool one actuate, can create pressure of pneumatics machine exhaust reduce greatly, and cannot drive pneumatic tool. Going after large capacity blindly of course also is wrong, because capacity is larger the electric machinery that compressor mixes is bigger, not only the price is high, and waste purchases fund, electric power the sources of energy also can be wasted when using.

Consider a height even when choosing capacity additionally dosage and normally dosage reachs trough dosage. Normally method is the pneumatics machine paralell connection with lesser capacity acquires larger capacity, as the accretion that uses tolerance, and one by one switchs on the mobile phone, such not only have profit to electrified wire netting, and can managing the sources of energy (open a few with a few) , have equipment opportunity, won’t cause all fronts stop production because of the breakdown of a machine.

2, the situation that considers to use gas and condition

Using angry circumstance and environment also is the main factor that chooses compressor type, use gas field to be like narrow, should choose vertical. If marine, car is used; Change like what make Sunday run with angry circumstance (more than 500 meters) , should consider movable type; If use circumstance cannot power supply, should choose form of diesel engine drive;

If make do not have tap water with the circumstance, must choose wind cold form. In wind cold, water-cooling cools two kinds on means, the user often has illusion, think water-cooling is better, think to cool adequately, actually otherwise. No matter,be in in small-sized compressor outside China, wind cold pattern occupies 90% above about.

On the design, wind is cold handy, when using beardless fountainhead. Water-cooled have its deadly drawback, must have complete fluctuation water system above all, investment is large; The 2nd, water-cooled condenser life is brief; The 3rd, easy aspic bad air cylinder is returned in northward winter; The 4th, many water is wasted in the meeting in normal movement.

3, the consideration reduces airy quality

The compresses air to all contain certain amount lubricating oil that general pneumatics opportunity produces, have the water of certain amount, some circumstances are to ban oil and ban water, at this moment not only want to notice to compressor type selecting, want to add auxiliary unit when necessary. Settlement way has two kinds as follows:

(1) choose without lubricant compressor. In air cylinder of this kind of compressor basically not oiliness, its piston annulus and filling are commonly get together 4 fluorine ethylene. This kind of machine also has its drawback, it is lubricant and undesirable above all, fault rate is high; Additional, get together 4 fluorine ethylene also is a kind of harmful material, like food, pharmacy the industry also cannot be used, and can accomplish only without lubricant compressor transport gas not oiliness, cannot accomplish not hydrous.

(2) accordingly normally the practice is pneumatics machine (no matter which are planted) increase one level again or 2 class purifying device or desiccator. This kind of device can make oiliness of compressor air both neither not hydrous, the oiliness water quantity in making compress air is under 5ppm, in order to satisfy craft requirement.

4, the security that the consideration runs

Pneumatics machine is the machine that a kind of belt pressing works, the companion when the job has temperature rise and pressure, the security that its run should be put in the first place. Pneumatics machine divides relief valve when the design besides, still set pressure adjuster, execute exceed double insurance of the carry on one’s shoulder that press discharge, have relief valve only and unreasonable without pressure adjuster, not only the safe assurance coefficient that can affect a machine, the economy that also can make move is reduced (press key implement general function is close inlet valve, make machine air runs) .

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