16 01, 2023

Shallow talk about air humidity to be opposite the influence of QiAir Compressor

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Air compressor, we know, be the machine that is terminal unit air feed is exported thereby after compressing air. Greatly small shop, spin, chemical fibber, cement, glass, steam deserves to wait for an industry to need to use air compressor, so how does the choose and buy suit him factory to use angry sky to enrage compressor? Above all what we should know we are bought is equipment of air compressor system, those who use is to compress air, type selecting 3 essential factor are very main: A, pressure: P is nodded with gas + conduit pressing

24 12, 2022

Shallow talk about what air compresses a station to transform type selecting

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Those who be in a factory is actual in moving process, the tolerance of frontal a system of fixed quotas for grain production that compresses a station via often can encountering air and differ actually with gas demand bigger, air reduces aircrew working load low, be in blame economy to run the condition of the area, the moving efficiency that brings about air to compress a station drops, create the waste of the sources of energy. Be aimed at afore-mentioned problems, the factory connects regular meeting to compress a station undertake to air energy-saving transform, pass those who adjust air compressor to provide a measure, change the means such as the air compressor with rated lesser capacity, make its


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