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17 01, 2023

Shallow analyse air reduces engine oil cost exorbitant reach breakdown to adumbrate, must look! ! !

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Often encounter air compressor to run in our routine oily problem, besides problem of quality of oily cent itself, what reason still can be brought about run oily? Engineers give a few kinds of meetings to bring about in the summary in practice run oily reason. All sorts of breakdown of air compressor, often do not appear suddenly, have however adumbrate certainly, appear with all sorts of different elephants sometimes, the digital numerical value that goes up with appearance instrument sometimes appears. Before we appear with breakdown of compressor of of all kinds air today all sorts of adumbrating to denounce

16 01, 2023

Shallow talk about air humidity to be opposite the influence of QiAir Compressor

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Air compressor, we know, be the machine that is terminal unit air feed is exported thereby after compressing air. Greatly small shop, spin, chemical fibber, cement, glass, steam deserves to wait for an industry to need to use air compressor, so how does the choose and buy suit him factory to use angry sky to enrage compressor? Above all what we should know we are bought is equipment of air compressor system, those who use is to compress air, type selecting 3 essential factor are very main: A, pressure: P is nodded with gas + conduit pressing

15 01, 2023

Chinese hair changes appoint recommending energy-saving QiAir Compressor to stand, must tell an user such more energy-saving

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In the electric energy that air compressor wastes, change truly become those who compress air to have efficiency to be less than 20% , additionally 80% above are changed into heat energy. If compressor of air of will much stage comprises air to compress a group of planes to undertake centralized controlling, this also is confirmed to be a kind of efficient energy-saving way. The sources of energy that national hair changes actually to apply uses up gross and intensity “ double accuse ” to act, be with energy-saving carry high-energy effect to promote economic transition to upgrade, of transition of green of the sources of energy

15 01, 2023

Before QiAir Compressor switchs on the mobile phone, these parameter must be moved school is good

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1. leather belt (shaft coupling) corrective     is like air compressor is to use belt-conveyor, criterion the degree of tightness of leather belt is spent should be 10~20 millimeter between, if air compressor is shaft coupling drive, the hand answers after installation is fine dish the balance when use electric machinery and lead plane and examining shaft coupling to turn is spent. Air compressor shaft coupling uses stretch shaft coupling basically, spend evenly when error is not big but oversight. 2. Leader gets lost school no less than to maintain in screw air compressor had demolished in the process advocate report

11 01, 2023

Air compressor arises compress air how to many kinds of dry kind there is?

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Vapor is contained in all air, but when be being compressed by air compressor when air, the relative humidity of water increases to 100% . To avoid the problem that the water precipitation in downstream facilities poses conduit and connective, must dry compress air. It is below a few dry compress airy method: 1, excessive compress air to be compressed by machine be shrinkinged by empty atmospheric pressure higher than expecting actuating pressure pressure, this is meant be given by condensation in more water in reducing a process system. When

9 01, 2023

Air temperature and oil are lukewarm exorbitant or too low the influence to QiAir Compressor

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What this article basically tells about is air temperature and oil lukewarm exorbitant or too low the influence to air compressor, cent piece will introduce, there is He Ying to air compressor below air temperature and oily lukewarm exorbitant circumstance noisy, air temperature and oil are lukewarm too low when to air compressor He Ying rings. To air compressor has He Ying to ring below air temperature and oily lukewarm exorbitant circumstance: (Temperature of 1) inspiratory gas is exorbitant, can reduce capacity. (2) compresses the air temperature in the process exorbitant, can increase power comsumption, reduce unripe

7 01, 2023

How should be QiAir Compressor winter used?

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In cold winter, does microtherm carry to air compressor guild produces an effect? Where is the harm that how we defend cold winter may be caused to air compressor again? The cold air influence to lube road oil path system is the substantial in empty press circulatory system, in normal moving procedure, oil path system can produce clash because of the whirl of the machine, the quantity of heat that attrition place produces can make the temperature of lube elevatory. The oil path system with low cooling to need air temperature is very beneficial.

7 01, 2023

Air compressor gas too ” fat ” , purify air 3 big move!

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Air compressor handles square side side of industry extensively already, but lubricating oil must be used when at present majority compressor works, bring about oil is contained inevitably in compressing air kind foreign matter, average extensive company is added install a physics to remove oily part without giving thought to, but this kinds of component can be aimed at the oily drop in gas and oily mist only, and the oil that molecularity condition still contains in air. Use at purifying airy to have 3 kinds of methods highly at present: 1, drop in temperature add filter this kind of method

2 01, 2023

Of QiAir Compressor ” 3 filter one oil ” expire time

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The “ that believes everybody knows screw pneumatics machine 3 filter one oily ” has term of service, change after using 2000 hours normally, if change not in time,still give pneumatics machine to cause serious harm in use meeting. So, does the harm that exceed the time limit of one oily ” uses 3 strain have the “ of screw pneumatics machine what? [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__fol


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