The “ that believes everybody knows screw pneumatics machine 3 filter one oily ” has term of service, change after using 2000 hours normally, if change not in time,still give pneumatics machine to cause serious harm in use meeting. So, does the harm that exceed the time limit of one oily ” uses 3 strain have the “ of screw pneumatics machine what?

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“ of screw pneumatics machine the harm that exceed the time limit of one oily ” uses 3 strain:

1, inhaler

The inhaler is air compressor is important defend protective screen. The dirt in induction air and atomic impurity can be filtered. Inspiratory air is cleaner, the function of segregator of oil purifier, oil gas, lube and lead plane and service life have safeguard more. Exceed the time limit uses the effective compression ratio that will raise aircrew, raise lead plane negative charge, shorten service life. Air filters the specific power consumption that obstruction crosses congress to add unit.

2, oily filter

Oily filter basically is used at filter to remove the grain in lubricating oil of screw pneumatics engine and impurity, move in order to assure the safety of the cleanness of oily circulatory system and system of screw pneumatics engine. Use meeting causes exceed the time limit lead plane is lubricant and insufficient, shorten lead plane service life.

3, oily segregator

The main function of oily segregator is from inside compressing air oil depart comes out, assure to reduce airy quality. The compression of the generation after exceed the time limit is used air oil content increases, affect back end purifying device move and move normally with what enrage equipment, affect the quality of end item.

4, lube

Air compressor lube basically removes lubricant, cooling, sealed, cleanness, fall the action such as a confusion of voices. If do not change engine oil, use meeting brings about overtime the machine stays because of high temperature alarm machine.

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