Compress air system conduit to with what material should pledge?

Compress air system conduit commonly used reach pneumatic at compressing air, steam to match a shop (baric) tool, reach water and blame caustic liquid is carried, apply extensively at the domain such as industry, bldg. , agriculture.

Compress air canal to should be used it is good to have the outward appearance, tenacity is tall, pressure reduce, fight oxidation, fight ageing, fight excitant better, already environmental protection durable product. A few kinds of the most commonly used material pledge conduit is compared, knew how to accept or reject. Galvanization is in charge of, the meeting is rusty, low-cost; PPR, low-cost, but time grew to be defeated, insecure; Aluminium alloy conduit, not rusty, anti-corrosive, but the price is high. Thin wall stainless steel is in charge of, environmental protection and installation is convenient, pledge with other material conduit photograph is compared, sexual price is compared highest, satisfy all demands that reduce air system conduit.

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Patulous data

The design that compresses air system canal wants a place:

1, in actual project, compress air system conduit to should use three-dimensional software design, more logical design way is to use three-dimensional software to build a model directly, early days needs to do a large number of works.

After three-dimensional model has built pipeline, can generate ichnography, axis to measure list of graph, equipment, data table to wait directly, later period gives a graph to be able to save much work, improve efficiency, also made sure conduit gives the accuracy of the graph, security at the same time.

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2, plant area compresses air conduit to be in charge of a net to pursue, start is exit of machine of plant area pneumatics or contact of plant area obligate commonly, terminus is each user dots. Each user dot has indoor with the cent outdoor, below the condition that allows in the condition, whole plant area is indoor pursue in face of same Zhang Ping as far as possible with dot of the user outdoor or the axis measures chart to show, state with a piece of blueprint all users select whole plant area namely, so convenient go out to pursue and be read.

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3, compress air conduit to provide way commonly lesser, plant area compresses air conduit to be in charge of a net to decorate, should building of make the most of, open corridor and big pipeline, will compress air conduit bracket to solder above, reduce amount of bracket of independent be born as far as possible.

4, compress air conduit to should use natural compensation as far as possible, do not set compensator.

5, compress air conduit bracket to suffer force to should use corresponding software to calculate, in suffer force to allow a condition to fall, bracket form uses spacing support as far as possible, allow conduit to have axial displacement. Be in charge of paragraph of not chief condition to fall continuously so, can not set fixed bracket and compensator, simplify conduit form, reduce pipeline cost, also be helpful for spot construction.

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