Oily filter! Oily filter just as its name implies is to be used filter of the impurity inside lube, but of oily filter filter principle, it is the issue that the person of 95% above can ignore.

One, problem of perforation of oily filter bottom

Oily filter bottom is perforative, besides minority because armor plate has sand holes,be beyond, more reasons are simple question of material of crust rolled steel. Bottom punchs whether easily, have a few concerns with crust thickness, but not be the mainest reason. Rolled steel material is qualitative bad when, because the precipitation such as water, impurity is bottom, bring about oily filter bottom very easily to suffer corrode and punch, counteractive like a person ability was differred, suffer a bit chill to be able to catch a cold a little. Rolled steel material is crucial place character, the oily filter bottom with good quality also can punch now and then, but perforative probability is extremely low.

2, sealing ring leakage is oily

1, sealing ring material is inscribed questioningly, sealing ring is able to bear or endure lukewarm sex not beautiful, the meeting is contractive after oily filter uses period of time, bring about oil of sealing ring ooze or leakage oil.

2, verticality of mouth of whorl front tooth is bad (90 degrees not be a standard perpendicular) , bring about all around sealed inhomogenous (limit of heeling error of or so both sides is 0.3 millimeter, it is more than unqualified) , when just beginning to install, because rely on the flexibility of sealing ring corrective won’t leak oily, use period of time can have a few systole later, the beyond with big error contracts because of sealing ring be heated, the flexibility of sealing ring is reduced, sealed function is reduced greatly, can begin occurrence leakage oil.

3, leakage of burst of the place side heal bag is oily

If use regular steels to do sealed board, this problem seldom appears commonly. Occurrence heal is in burst by the side of the bag, common at eletroplating sealed board, because of what eletroplate sealed board after eletroplating, looking is same, but, eletroplate before is to use various armor plate to do likely very, have a few rolled steel more fragile, there is burst when the turn is pressed, but be shaken when use by the machine, without how long with respect to burst.

4, heal is in leakage oil by the side of the bag

1, if the probability of oil of heal place occurrence leakage is higher, showing this filter manufacturer is not each oily filter presses leak hunting through trying, the sampling observation when just debugging heal machine a few oily filter.

2, heal place fluid sealant does not have Tu Hao, or use inferior fluid sealant.

3, heal craft has a problem, there is mix up when sealing machine is debugged.

4, when 8 kilograms of type are used, heal does not leak basically oily, but when type of 10 kilograms of above is used, heal leakage oily probability is higher. Appear this phenomenon, because whorl board is too thin,basically be, get when higher pressure, whorl board is out of shape, bring about heal to shake leakage oil, in the meantime, also have very big concern with filter paper quality. When filter paper quality is bad, oily filter internal pressure is higher, accentuate whorl board pressure, bring about heal place to shake leakage oil.

5, filter paper look is brittle

Filter paper look is brittle, a lot of people say to have a few inside when buy oily filter is opened, see filter paper broke, it is this filter paper fights carbonization ability difference actually. After sufferring higher temperature for a long time easy carbonization, filter paper carbonization breaks very easily later. Buy oily filter faces this one problem likewise outside, just outside because filter paper is inside crust,buy oily filter is, everybody cannot see the filter paper inside whether already carbonization. The look is brittle after filter paper carbonization, after breaking jam easily oily cent.

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6, filter paper jams radiator (filter paper becomes paper mud)

In air hydrous, the person of the same trade knows this, because half glue filter paper contains gum the quantity is very few, and not be pure wood pulp, ginseng is miscellaneous inside filter paper amylaceous, cause filter paper waterproof ability extreme difference, when using half glue filter paper (also make amylaceous filter paper) , filter paper sees water rots easily, filter paper is easy after rotting jam radiator and oily cent surface.

7, after oily filter uses period of time, jam

What what say here is easy jam, not be surface of filter paper of filter pointing to oil because of bilge relatively of a long time jam, blame is normal after showing filter paper is using period of time however jam. After using period of time because of filter paper commonly, filter paper is divided the influence of the moisture inside the bucket by oil, filter paper filters bore diameter is greatly contractible, bring about filter the capacity is insufficient, additional, because filter paper suffers after the influence of moisture, filter paper goes form, stick together, filterability can be reduced greatly. This kind of circumstance is encountered very easily on large capacity type. Appear these circumstances, what use normally is filter paper of complete bakelite oar or filter paper of half bakelite oar (remarks: Complete glue filter paper is filter paper of pure wood pulp, half glue filter paper is to be inside wood pulp ginseng is a few more miscellaneous amylaceous, and glue content is very low) , solidify filter paper won’t have these blame to jam normally commonly phenomenon.

8, sealing ring, center is in charge of pop

1, sealing ring pop. This kind of case appears when type of 15 kilograms of above is used commonly, oily filter use time appears before long sealing ring is developed. Very much now those who use is the whorl with 5 thick millimeter board, having a few even is to use the whorl with 4 thick millimeter board. Become when pressure is higher, whorl board is out of shape, bring about sealing ring to be developed, this is everybody what say explode sealing ring. Additional, explode sealing ring and filter paper quality have immediate concern, filter paper quality is bad, suffer water portion effect, filter bore diameter is contractive. Filter paper suffers water portion influence to be out of shape, filter paper squashs together, filterability can be reduced greatly, filter paper suffocate suffocate, bring about oily filter pressure to increase greatly, whorl board cannot bear be out of shape when pressure, bring about sealing ring to be developed.

2, canal of the core in exploding, be to show that round canal squashs together inside oily filter, form by two reasons: One, in core canal intensity is insufficient, need is added thick in core canal, the core in increasing is in charge of compression sex; 2, inferior filter paper suffers water portion effect, obstruction rises greatly, canal of the core in bringing about cannot bear when pressure, core canal squashs together in. So, good oily sieve must want to use the filter paper with good quality, use add thick in core canal, otherwise, with respect to canal of the core in exploding easily.

9, oily filter uses time

This question is very difficult exact answer, because use time effectively of oily filter to decide by two respects element: One, foreign matter how many, of the adsorptive impurity when oily filter can China arrives when the limit, oily filter useful life arrived; 2, machine temperature and filter paper fight carbonization ability, when machine high temperature with normal temperature when, oily filter service life is different, high temperature type can quicken filter paper carbonization greatly, shorten filter paper uses time effectively; Additional, poor filter paper uses time effectively the meeting is very brief, use below normal circumstance, the oily sieve with good quality filters effectively time is in about 2000-2500 hour.

10, effect of oily filtration filter

A lot of people may feel oily to filter is to rely on intercept to filter, precision is taller, filter the effect is better, worry again at the same time filter precision is too tall, oily filter jams easily. Actually everybody took an error, precision of oily filtration filter and filter the effect is to have a few concerns, but real decision filters of the effect, not be to filter precision, however the adsorptive ability of oily filter filter paper. Dust containing capacity is larger, absorption affinity is stronger, filter the effect is better. Fiber filter paper filters the effect is good, because dust containing capacity is very large,be, adsorptive capability is very strong, fight carbonization ability strong. But, the price of fiber filter paper is very expensive, and filter paper factory does not retail, need large quantities of quantities to have something made to order technically, if oily filter does not have particularly large sales volume, accomplish custom-built fiber filter paper very hard, this seldom has the main reason that the person uses fiber filter paper namely.