Compressor is the core component of system of air conditioning refrigeration, it has the effect that reduces drive refrigeration agent in loop of agent of air conditioning refrigeration. Air conditioning implement medium compressor uses structure of whole sealing type commonly, the electromotor that will serve as impulsion and the compressor that compress refrigeration agent are airtight enclose inside a container, flowing lube and lubricant orgnaization move of what make inside. Common family expenses air conditioning implement compressor basically has piston of move back and forth and circumgyrate type two kinds big.

1, compressor of piston of move back and forth

Compressor of piston of move back and forth calls compressor of connecting rod piston again, it is depend on or a few pistons that do reciprocate will change the cubage type compressor that reduces antrum interior volume.

Following plan institute are shown, electromotor and compressor inside park housing, compressor is main comprise by component of etc of air cylinder, piston, crankshaft, connecting rod. This kind of compressor uses prejudicial pressure to transport lubricating oil commonly, the working process that reduces gas can be divided into expand, inspiratory, compress and exhaust 4 processes.

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2, circumgyrate type compressor

Circumgyrate type compressor is to point to pass or the whirligig of a few components will finish the cubage type compressor that reduces variation of antrum interior cubage. In air conditioning implement in adoption circumgyrate type compressor basically has scroll piston, rotate blade type and vortex type 3 sort.

1) scroll piston compressor.

Scroll piston (scroll rotor) type compressor says to rotate again piston compressor, it is to show support installs the whirl inside air cylinder piston, in cylindrical do inside air cylinder scroll moves and one connects with scroll piston the compressor that the reciprocate implementation gas of touched slide compresses. Following plan institute are shown, scroll piston compressor is vertical structure commonly, electromotor installs the upside in housing, compressor outfit is in bottom, compressor basically is mixed by piston of air cylinder, scroll, crankshaft fixed frame wait for a part to comprise.

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2) rotate blade type compressor.

Rotate machine of blade of abbreviation of blade type compressor, just as its name implies, it is to rely on a when slide inside prejudicial rotor and rotor chamfer or a few blade are in cylindrical the compressor that circumgyrate is done to move inside air cylinder and realizes gas to compress. Following plan institute are shown, rotate the 3 parts such as main organism, rotor and blade comprise blade type compressor. Of the rotor of mobile blade prejudicial configuration is inside air cylinder, when rotor rotates, because blade leaves mental efforts action, on wall of clingy air cylinder, form a certain number of comprise by the wall outside air cylinder wall, rotor, blade base yuan cubage, as base yuan cubage by small arrive to be mixed greatly by change continuously to small iteration greatly, finished inspiratory, compress, the circular process of exhaust.

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3) vortex type compressor.

Vortex type compressor is by a static vortex dish (fixed involute vortex dish) move vortex with dish (the involute motion vortex that presents prejudicial and whirly translation dish) the compressor that comprises compressible cubage. Following plan institute are shown,

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Vortex type compressor basically comes back by vortex stator, eddy the composition such as rotor, crossed collector ring, crankshaft, bracket, housing. In inspiratory, compress, in exhaust job process, static vortex dish fixed go up in frame, move vortex dish by eccentric shafe drive, make its around static vortex dish the plane that basic circle center makes very small radius is rotational. Compress medium by vortex body exterior enter by move vortex of vortex Pan Hejing dish the crescent moon body that forms when clench the teeth is compressed be compressed stage by stage inside antrum, final classics static vortex dish central aperture eduction, realize relatively successive air feed way.

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