Screw pneumatics engine oil enrages pail of case study that drink water:

1, according to the requirement, screw pneumatics machine needs set lowest run time, form condenser water in order to prevent, because condenser water can arouse air cylinder a powerful person piece, frame component rusty. Condenser water gathers mediumly in crankcase may cause oil level reading to make mistake. Water and oil cannot mix, their collective existence causes oily fast metamorphism. Z small run time is average not less than 10min, should the moisture in the air that enough creates screw pneumatics machine to heat to condense to aerification place.

2, the export pipeline of screw pneumatics machine sets check valve, the moist air of high temperature high pressure passes eduction of exhaust valve of screw pneumatics machine, course hind still places the part that contains certain oil and water after class condenser. Although screw is empty of press 2, all deserve to have air-water segregator after the condenser between 3 class and end class condenser, with the moisture content that reduces the generation in the process at depart, but practical moving effect is not ideal. Because screw is empty press machine down time is long, the moisture content that exhaust produces gathers in pipeline and check valve all round, bring about water to divide circumfluence to box interior, lube water content is added gradually much, cause screw pneumatics engine oil level calls the police and breakdown stops machine.

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Above is the main reason that bucket of oil gas of screw pneumatics machine drinks water. When pneumatics engine occurrence trouble, lest delay company production,want seasonable overhaul.

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