1. leather belt (shaft coupling) corrective

If air compressor is to use belt-conveyor, criterion the degree of tightness of leather belt is spent should be 10~20 millimeter between, if air compressor is shaft coupling drive, the hand answers after installation is fine dish the balance when use electric machinery and lead plane and examining shaft coupling to turn is spent. Air compressor shaft coupling uses stretch shaft coupling basically, spend evenly when error is not big but oversight.

2. Leader gets lost corrective

If compressor is enraged to maintain in screw sky,had demolished in the process advocate power source, power source receives the positive and negative that electric machinery should notice after answering to turn, of electric machinery change direction should according to lead plane change direction, of air compressor lead plane change direction correctly to examine designation to go up in lead plane please turn to icon.

Method of correction: The random in exchanging three-phase report two power supply cord can.

3. Internal pressure of aircrew of screw air compressor is corrective

Aircrew internal pressure should be between 0.2~0.45MPa.

Method of correction: This pressure value should be uninstalled in aircrew when moving, undertake, the size of the value is in the adjustment of valve of the least pressure adjusts on nut, read the value of setting extraction place to go to the lavatory, pressure test point should be taken before valve of the least pressure and install pressure to express (partial microcomputer controller has internal pressure parameter to display a function, should be like what do not have this function before valve of the least pressure furnish pressure expresses) .

4. To load, uninstall, scale value is corrective

When setting these 3 kinds of parameter, answer to uninstall a value certainly above all, the rated pressure that uninstalls a value to answer to enrage compressor according to screw sky and the pressure couple that need with the place that enrage end are affirmatory, had decided after uninstalling a value, again value of set to load, press difference bothly to should be 0.1~0.2Mpa between, install compressor of good screw air uninstall and after to load is worth, set certainty ratio to be worth finally, scale value should be set in uninstall value and to load value among.

Illustrate: If some factory needs the 0.8MPa of air feed pressure of air compressor, and air feed asks stabilize relatively, answer as follows to set 3 kinds of parameter: Uninstall pressure set 0.8Mpa, 0.65MPa of set of to load pressure, scale control pressure sets 0.73~0.75MPa between.

Method of correction: This parameter is set in microcomputer controller (if the control of screw air compressor is used,press twist pilot, criterion to load and uninstall parameter to should adjust from pressure switch, the adjustment that scale value is decreasing the proportioning valve on a powerful person of carry on one’s shoulder nut place adjusts this value) .

5. High temperature protection is worth effect

When compressor of screw type air works normally, its temperature should be between 65~98 ℃ . What temperature crosses high protection is automatic stop machine temperature to must not exceed 105 ℃ .

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