Air compressor handles square side side of industry extensively already, but lubricating oil must be used when at present majority compressor works, bring about oil is contained inevitably in compressing air kind foreign matter, average extensive company is added install a physics to remove oily part without giving thought to, but this kinds of component can be aimed at the oily drop in gas and oily mist only, and the oil that molecularity condition still contains in air.

Use at purifying airy to have 3 kinds of methods highly at present:

1, drop in temperature add filter

The main principle of this kind of method drops in temperature namely, will oily element is liquefacient, become oily mist, filter again, principle of this kind of method is simple, cost is inferior, when the filter core precision that if filter,uses is taller, can the oily mist of purify majority, but take off oil completely hard except, gas can satisfy general air quality to ask only, and taller to requirement of filter core precision.

2, activated carbon is adsorptive

Activated carbon can be effective the impurity in purify air, the effect is admirable, the air after purifying can satisfy more expensive gas to use a requirement, but activated carbon cost is higher, the effect is purified to be able to drop after use time is long must change, change cycle is measured an effect by oil, not stable, once activated carbon is saturated, consequence is very serious, cannot remove oil continuously, change activated carbon also must make step of sell one’s own things on the design.

3, catalysis oxidizes

This method principle can understand simply to react to make the oil in gas and oxygen produce oxidation, ” of oily “ burn-up, become carbon dioxide and water.

Demand of this method technology is higher, its core is the activator of reaction, because can not produce combustion really, must use activator to accelerate the process of reaction so, among them activator should have the larger area that contacts with gas already, catalytic effect also must powerful.

To enhance catalytic result, return so that react below high temperature and high pressure, add even install heating installation. Raise requirement of specific power consumption greatly, and because the oily element in gas is far little at aerobic element, to assure the result, so reaction time also has particular demand, so must respond room, if of equipment detect and engineering technology is not high, realize a requirement hard, the cost of early days investment of equipment is high, and this equipment the good and bad are intermingled, put in the risk, but excellent facilities can fall aeriform oil content extremely low, satisfy the requirement that do not have oil, and activator does not participate in reaction itself, use cycle is so long, and time is affirmatory, later period investment divides specific power consumption outside inferior.

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