Vortex compressor is the compressor that type of a kind of cubage compresses, compress a part by move vortex of vortex Pan Hejing to comprise. The shunt flow means of the gas that includes to make pass compressor housing in order to reduce a lot of oily constructions of carry secretly feature.

After entering housing, certain gas flows to face towards the gas of oily flow is measured in order to decreased downward up. To achieve this goal, the electromotor of compressor can be surrounded by sleeve, this sleeve has those who be used at guiding air current to arrive at electromotor to go up to carry an all v/LIT all over the ground coil with next stator go up and leave hole. Be in certain in executive exemple, weigh important place to locate to inspiratory entrance at the two gas passageway between stator and electromotor housing relatively. The position of this entrance makes one passageway is admitted enter gas and this flow cent is edge two-phase to turn over direction to be mixed up namely the flow that be down. The passageway of other sends aspirated form only up. In addition, loose mail of inspiratory fender, enlarge, clipper-built counterbalance piece catch oil with inspiratory canal also can conduce to gas oil departing or make the oil of carry secretly least.

QiAir Compressor

1, without reciprocate orgnaization, the structure is so simple, bulk small, weight light, part is little (especially fragile little) , reliability is high;

2, pitching moment change is little, balance sex is tall, vibration is little, movement is smooth, operate thereby handy, implement automation easily;

3, taller efficiency is had inside the refrigerating capacity limits that suits in its;

4, noise is low.


1, surface of its motion parts is to submit curved surface form more, the treatment of these curved surface reachs his to examine all more complex, some still needs special device, production cost is accordingly higher.

2, between the occasional motion parts of its motion parts and fixed parts, often be achieved in order to hold certain athletic clearance sealed, gas causes leak through clearance certainly will, this restricted circumgyrate type compressor to achieve older compression ratio hard, accordingly, compressor of most circumgyrate type is much use below air conditioning operating mode.

3, sealed demand is high, sealed structure is complex.


Microtherm function exceeds eminent, efficient and energy-saving () of high volume efficiency: When medium, microtherm application, taller on cubage efficiency than traditional piston engine 30% above.

Exterior is beautiful, the installation outdoor, save a space: Systematic design is compact, facilitating installation and safeguard; Take out computer room, economic cover an area of an area, also save hire

Move smooth, low noise and vibration, reduce the effect to the environment.

The unique design of vortex compressor, make its make current world energy-saving compressor. Vortex compressor basically runs an eddy dish only dirty close to did not wear away, life is consequently longer, be known as avoid maintenance compressor. Vortex compressor runs smooth, vibration environment of small, work is halcyon, be known as ‘ to exceed static compressor ’ again. Structure of vortex type compressor is novel, exact, have volume small, noise low, weight is light, oscillatory small, life grows small, specific power consumption, transport gas successive and smooth, run the good point such as cleanness of source of reliable, gas. Be known as ’ of compressor of ‘ new revolution and ‘ to need not maintain compressor ’ is source of power of pneumatic machinery ideal, apply extensively carry at industry, agriculture, traffic, the industry such as packaging of medical apparatus and instruments, food and spin and other need compress airy circumstance.

Compressor of type of a kind of vortex, include: Drive axis, ke Xiangshun hour hand or anticlockwise direction undertake gyral, have the prejudicial department of established size; Air cylinder, form the in-house bulk of established size; Gyro wheel, contact at air cylinder inside week face, can rotate installation at prejudicial ministry outside week face, but along inside week face undertakes rolling athletic, and with inside week face is formed together those who be used at the fluid is inspiratory reach the fluid antrum room that reduces an operation; Blade, stretch installation at air cylinder, make its and gyro wheel undertake osculatory continuously; Upside reachs bottom bearing, they install the fluctuation ministry in air cylinder respectively, use at can rotating to prop up afore-mentioned drive axes, close in-house bulk; Engine oil sheds a route, it is to set park bearing and drive axis between, make organic oil flows equably between its; Eduction port, they connect at fluid antrum room; Inspiratory port, they connect at fluid antrum room, undertake keeping apart with established angle each other; Valve component, its direction of rotation according to drive axis, and open one of inspiratory port each inspiratory port optionally.


The turbocompressor was born the earliest 1905, invent by French engineer Leon Creux, as a result of the limitation of processing technique? The ability at the beginning of 80 time begins batch production. 1973 American ADL. The company put forward the research of vortex nitrogen compressor to report, proved what vortex compressor has the advantage that other compressor cannot compare, the large-scale project of vortex compressor is developed and develop the way that was on rapid development thereby.

Air conditioning most the component blame compressor of core not is belonged to, the 30% ~ that a compressor can hold cost of whole platform air conditioning 40% , the stand or fall of refrigeration system also is having the closest relationship with compressor, it is very important to there is a knowledge to what its use compressor when buying air conditioning so. A good compressor, in service life, noise, can effect example face all can have much better expression.

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