The pipeline system of proper measure and design is to allocate the essential component that reduces air system. If do not have this one crucial part, no matter be short-term,still be long-term, arrive from compressor specific the air of use dot is carried will be small effect is mixed costly. How to adjust the size that reduces air pipeline system, be in in order to ensure carry the biggest efficiency while fall pressure loss to lowest?

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Correct compression air conduit dimension

When compressing air to adopt air dispatching system, predicting conference appears pressure fall, although this kind drops,be very small. Usually, 20-30 foot / the air velocity of flow of the second can be helped will press fall fall to lowest. Want to reduce the size of air pipeline system certainly, the the actuating pressure that must consider to apply place to need, biggest CFM (cubic foot / minute) and arrive from compressor use dot (farthermost from compressor) distance.

What need actuating pressure. Every exceed actuating pressure 2 pounds, did you waste the energy of 1% ? Look from cost angle, this is a very significant number, consider especially mix every months every week.

The biggest CFM asks. This number is decided by the dimension of compressor and operation norms normally, it was mirrorred minutely can measure through systematic air (with cubic metre foot for the unit) .

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Determine the value of pipeline system dimension

If conduit is too small, as a result of air current suffocate suffocate, it is inevitable that pressure drops, bring about use component “ finally to be short of gas ” . A common error is the dimension that will decide systematic conduit according to compressor vent dimension, actuating pressure, CFM and distance. Use a larger conduit size to may increase initiative cost of material, but can reduce significantly (or eliminate) pressure fall, come true long-term and managing.

Additional, make a plan to need those who come sue for peace to expand, if ask according to current flow is not a plan merely,the accretion in the future estimates the size that will fix pipeline system, this may be an error. Below probable condition, from the systematic demand that considers you at the beginning, is not conduit installation is revised after be in. A few additional cost and premeditate may produce extra dividend in future now.

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