In cold winter, does microtherm carry to air compressor guild produces an effect? Where is the harm that how we defend cold winter may be caused to air compressor again?

The cold air influence to lube road

Oil path system is the substantial in empty press circulatory system, in normal moving procedure, oil path system can produce clash because of the whirl of the machine, the quantity of heat that attrition place produces can make the temperature of lube elevatory.

The oil path system with low cooling to need air temperature is very beneficial. But to reserving equipment or the empty press that do not start all the year round, when be started again in low air temperature, oil path may make because of microtherm lube generation condenses thereby, because of breakdown can appearing when this is started. So this is about to undertake checking to oil path system, examine lube to whether lie whack.

To lube deposit, also ask to deposit commonly in what have heating indoor, if deposit,be outdoor may make lube because temperature is inferior and be condensed by aspic, cannot use immediately when need.

Lube belongs to combustible article, other stock should is far from to be deposited alone when depositing, lest be malfunctioned by the harrass of other goods

The cold air influence to air compressor

After cold air enters pneumatics plane, encounter high temperature to be able to produce much steam, can increase pneumatics machine to handle the load that water vapour filters so, so constant need discharges the water portion in processing equipment.

Compress air to enter manufacturing area to be used by the user through conduit, and these conduit some are buried in underground, some walks along bright canal to be in sky.

Bright valve takes in cold weather, because microtherm brings about one part damp,may arise, because,some is met even the addition of damp, use the influence with be brought certain what give an user normally.

For instance, industry of laser beam cutting machine, if compress the oiliness in air,hydrous and exorbitant meeting affects the precision in cut process. In mine industry, damp compression is empty press, the likelihood can not affect pneumatic to be used of the tool normally, but the strength when meeting influence works to pneumatic tool.

Attention: Winter stops machine hind to must notice to put empty all gas, blowdown, turn on the water, put sky is the water inside all sorts of conduit and air bag, gas, oily, when working because of winter aircrew, temperature is higher, because external temperature is inferior,stop machine hind, the meeting after air is cool has a large number of condenser water to arise, put in all sorts of control conduit, pipeline of easy generation control jams, go up crack wait for hidden trouble.

How to defend the influence of cold air

※ defends key

Do what a powerful person of good electron catchment reachs pipeline system to defend cold measure, compress from air plane a few moisture content can produce among the air that come out, can get when these condenser water eliminate through automatic catchment a powerful person outside of microtherm affect and freeze in pipeline or other part.

※ makes good computer room of indoor temperature defend cold measure

Temperature drops, the agglutinant meeting of pneumatics engine lubricating oil rises, can stop to pneumatics machine machine start afresh again after period of time bring very big impact, also can affect the life of the machine.

The status of job of automatic catchment a powerful person of ※ pneumatics machine, gas tank, drier, filter affirms

Come off work or equipment stops when machine, the catchment a powerful person such as conduit, gas tank, drier is opened completely, go to condenser water closing valve again after arrangement is clean. Temperature of pneumatics computer room maintains zero above.

※ discharges blast tuyere to shut or adjust indoor will adjust indoor temperature

Compressor stops machine or when running, need enables electric heat appropriately implement will adjust temperature.

※ stops machine of the pneumatics when machine to manage

Compressor stops machine hind to must discharge gas to monitor to show to valve is closed after 0.0bar.

The automatic catchment a powerful person of open pneumatics machine, gas tank, drier. Make air and condenser water are shut after complete platoon is empty.