Vapor is contained in all air, but when be being compressed by air compressor when air, the relative humidity of water increases to 100% . To avoid the problem that the water precipitation in downstream facilities poses conduit and connective, must dry compress air.

It is below a few dry compress airy method:

1, excessive compress

Air is compressed by machine be shrinkinged by empty atmospheric pressure higher than expecting actuating pressure pressure, this is meant be given by condensation in more water in reducing a process system. When air of high above in the sky is cool in compressor aftercooler, extra water is come out by depart. Make air expands next to actuating pressure, gain inferior pressure dew point. This method because its are high-energy bad news and apply to very little air velocity of flow only.

2, refrigeration agent is dry

Dry process includes refrigeration agent refrigeration compresses air to a large number of water-cooling coagulate and depart in order to allow. After refrigeration and condensation, will compress air to heat again to room temperature, won’t be in thereby of pipeline system exterior form condensation.

3, adsorptive and dry

The working principle of adsorptive type drier is very simple – humid air has shed desiccative dry. Once desiccative material is absorbed by water, it is met second birth in order to restore its drying capability. Adsorptive desiccator uses compose of two dry container to build normally, the first container is dry entered compression air, and the 2nd container is in charge of second birth.

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