Gas tank, just as its name implies stores namely compress airy jar, general compression air system needs to deploy gas tank, it is one of reducing air system important link


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The action of gas tank

Gas tank has certain capacity sex

Can store compress air, the contented equipment that use gas uses the demand that tolerance increases suddenly for an instant.

Gas tank is OK and preliminary cooling air

Gas tank is OK in the process of memory gas preliminary cooling air, the besmirch that can make air medium and condenser water separate out precipitate come down, and the ball valve eduction from gas tank bottom.

Gas tank can keep pressure tubal a network

Can maintain the pressure tubal a network that reduces air system not to appear to fluctuate greatly, the pressure that use gas is stable.

Gas tank reduces pneumatics machine to be opened often stop

Reduce pneumatics machine to be opened often stop. Pneumatics machine is started often, the starting electric current of electric machinery is very big, the general electric current that start is regular job electric current 5 times the left and right sides, of the electric equipment part to pneumatics machine damage bigger, can make the life of electric equipment part is reduced, the impact to electrified wire netting is bigger at the same time, influence other is used of equipment normally with report;

Gas tank reduces pneumatics function cost

Pneumatics machine is in open and inactive process, pneumatics machine is in hold position for nothing, open often stop the specific power consumption with meeting needless generation, gas tank can reduce pneumatics machine to be opened often stop, those who make sure pneumatics mechanic is made is successional, reduce specific power consumption.


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Without gas tank, compress air to be supplied directly using gas terminal, pneumatics machine basically should leave to be able to stop only, after stopping new to load, relapse add uninstall.

Must so empty press match gas tank?

This does not have compulsive requirement, empty to needing to compress tolerance is small use not frequent device, pneumatics machine does not deserve gas tank also is possible, but mix considering pneumatics machine reduce airy stability, still had better match gas tank.

Is the gas tank of pneumatics machine used had been compared how oldly?

The manufacturing need that this need differs according to the workshop and will decide to use how old gas tank with tolerance, the article before specific type selecting can be examined ” compress air gas tank this how type selecting “

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