Air compressor, we know, be the machine that is terminal unit air feed is exported thereby after compressing air. Greatly small shop, spin, chemical fibber, cement, glass, steam deserves to wait for an industry to need to use air compressor, so how does the choose and buy suit him factory to use angry sky to enrage compressor?

Above all what we should know we are bought is equipment of air compressor system, those who use is to compress air, type selecting 3 essential factor are very main:

A, pressure: P is nodded with gas + conduit pressing falls + of aftertreatment equipment pressure fall constant voltage of = air compressor outputs pressure

B, discharge: The largest flow- – average discharge- – the least flow- – prospective obligate

C, clean degree: To reducing the demand of air quality: Water, oily, dust, grain content

Airy humidity is along with the change of air condition change, when air is compressed, its temperature rises, the air after relative humidity reduces; to should be compressed expands, airy temperature drops, its relative humidity increases, will have water portion separate out normally. So, what does air humidity have to affect to air compressor?

1. Go against a machine to undertake compression, make compress equipment and pneumatic machinery to suffer hydraulic concussion, if condenser and air cylinder store up larger seeper, still can cause; of machine damage accident

2. Affect cubage efficiency of gas, well-known, air can be compressed, but water is not OK compressed8, the moisture in air is overmuch, the pure air nature that contains in the gas of unit volume can be reduced, bring about air compressor produce tolerance to be not worth;

3. The water portion in air is had very big caustic, cause compress equipment and pneumatic machinery to rust easily, shorten; of use fixed number of year

4. The water portion in gas makes compress air access narrow, increase the obstruction; that air flows

5. Moist air one stere (enrage molecular density) namely, want to be less than the dry air weight of similar volume. In the meantime, after compressing air to pass condenser gas tank and pipeline major water vapour is condensed, to weight calculative consequently productivity can reduce;

6. The water portion in gas mixes with lube in reducing a process, can reduce lubricant efficiency, increase parts abrasion, cause not only in the filling that lubricates with the loop in glue sealed and undesirable and can make lube degenerative;

7. Aspirated system contains water portion, when air temperature under 0 degrees when, the wall that water portion is in charge of in wind will be frozen, same, contractible canal diameter, more serious is can cause individual pipeline to be frozen completely sometimes, block up works. Accordingly, compress airy quality to decide the pressure at it not only, also decide the humidity at it at the same time.

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