VSD (gearshift drive) compressor

Gearshift drive (Variable Speed Driver) , normally abbreviation is VSD, it is the mark that compresses air domain. The air that deploys VSD compresses functional enough self-correcting its traversal speed, reduce air demand with matching accurately in real time. The biggest side that always has cost considering compressor is the electric power that its consume, is not air compressor itself buy the price, this is in energy-saving respect especially important!

Average and character, according to applied dimensions and type, VSD technology can reduce these energy cost 35% to 50% . Turn this per cent into fare, can save many money.

What distinction do labour frequency compressor and frequency conversion compressor have?

We understand a few distinction between frequency of one come off work and frequency conversion compressor first. Calm fast compressor is simple machine normally, early days cost is inferior. Open labour frequency compressor, let it run amain, shut till need till. This is not a complex concept.

The production of frequency conversion compressor is not to move continuously amain. What it does is not just run and stop. Those who replace is, they match output and demand bearing accurately, make they are compared calm fast compressor is more accurate. This means the initiative investment of these machines to may increase greatly.

When should consider frequency conversion compressor?

Although frequency conversion technology sounds,the ideal that is any enterprises chooses, but the solution that it always does not suit! Frequency conversion compressor is the good choice of the enterprise with fluctuant demand; Can consider to run the establishment of different technological process. The particular case that the likelihood needs to deploy frequency conversion compressor includes:

   >Compress airy demand to be put in notable difference between different work station;

   >Demand follows order, weekday (namely on the weekend) or seasonal fluctuant; Perhaps produce the pressure with close together need to take.

If flow is in,be consistent, and did not encounter demand wave motion, or these change are not big, so compressor of use labour frequency may be right choice.

Still can consider to will be versed in frequency compressor and frequency conversion compressor combine the solution that be together, labour frequency compressor offers basic load, (or many) the change of ” of fine tuning of “ of frequency conversion compressor with satisfying requirement.

What profit does frequency conversion compressor have?

   >Although frequency conversion compressor has higher initiative investment cost, but they can repay through the section increasing investment. The change of demand is bigger, potential managing bigger.

   >The actuating pressure range of frequency conversion compressor is narrower than be versed in frequency compressor wants much. They are in inferior transportation works below pressure, the least actuating pressure that still maintains air system place to need at the same time. All compression that what they still can be whole establishment air application is offerred stabler discharge pressure.

   >The clean pressure of frequency conversion compressor can be installed carry pressure for the sky under labour frequency compressor.

   >Frequency conversion compressor can be started below whole system pressure / stop. Need not discharging, when be being saved already save labour. Also do not have idling time loss, also discharge a loss without what in moving normally, happen.

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