A lot of centrifugal when doing the market to publicize with compressor of the screw that do not have oil, say to obtain attestation of orgnaization of tripartite authority, yielding compression air oil content can achieve Class 0, can achieve do not have oil absolutely. It is not quite rigorous that this is stated. Manufacturer and user are to negotiate the numerical value under Class 1 to the definition of Class 0 of total oily content in ISO8573-1 2010, is not under 1 class is 0 class, not be not to have oil absolutely more.

According to British orgnaization environment food and DEFRA of ministry of rural general affairs arrived to monitored a report 2015 2012, the oily steam content in British air environment is in 0.05mg/m-0.5mg/m, the Class2 that reachs ISO level arrives the level of Class3 class. These oily steam basically originate car tail gas is discharged, chemical pollution is waited a moment. And environment of partial industrial district is harsher than England, the oily steam content in the environment is higher.

Be based on above reason, in pharmacy, compare slashing situation food and beverage to oily content requirement, need considers the content of airy oily steam, through configuring reasonable compression air comes true except oily equipment technical without oil.

No matter be,do not have oily machine so or oiliness pneumatics machine comes out compress air, must undertake an aftertreatment to compressing air, ask to aeriform character especially tall domain, the 0 class that the catalytic form that still needs to consider back end to configure stability gains stability except oily device do not have oil to compress air.

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