The preparation before starting

1. Examination machine circuitry is normal; Whether is examination oil level inside normal limits;

2. Water-cooling aircrew opens cooling water circulatory system, whether does test circulatory system move normally;

3. Add a few clean engine oil from the mouth that take energy of life, the hand moves turning (leather belt and straight couplet type) ;

4. Electrify, examination three-phase power supply is normal, have cold dry opportunity should start cold dry chance first;

5. Not be too short time (a week goes to two weeks) stop machine, need not cheer into gas a powerful person also the question is not big, exhaust valve should be checked to whether be opened when switching on the mobile phone.

The dot uses a method

1. Press the key that start, after movement makes an appointment with 5 seconds, press emergency stop button, interval makes an appointment with half minutes (to permanent magnetism frequency conversion, when the dot is moved, can be in after run time ends, press beforehand stop urgently) , repeat above measure not less than start 2 times normally again.

2. If start when discover temperature rises quickly and companion has abnormal knocking, this is in-house engine oil still does not have a loop to come over, must press instantly stop urgently stop machine is bit newer move a few times.

3. After the machine is started normally, check carry linage is occupied, wait for pneumatics machine to carry ability begins normal air feed after travel is normal.

The note in movement

1, after pneumatics aircraft moves normally, compress personnel of check of workshop make one’s rounds to should have comprehensive examination regularly, the itinerate that is not less than 1 times hourly is checked.

2, temperature of the exhaust in movement must be in 75 ℃ – between 95 ℃ , avoid condenser water separate out will oily emulsification.

3, it is normal to affirm pressure watch, oil level plan is indicated, the oil level in movement must maintain it is among two red line.

4, it is normal whether all sorts of protector work.

5, the first time start after reaching electromotor to maintain, start, must affirm compressor movement way.

6, blame emergency is forbidden use urgent jockey.

7, the lube of plate of forbidden and different mill mixes use.

Must jockey overhaul phenomenon

Compressor has one of following cases in moving normally when, should jockey instantly the examination is repaired

1, safe protector is automatic movement, cause jockey.

2, because breakdown cannot run normally and cooling fan brings about electric machinery temperature exorbitant.

3, electromotor ammeter directive exceeds be restricted or electric equipment has prick or scorch phenomenon.

4, relief valve movement or pressure adjuster are out of order.

5, compressor and electromotor have abnormal knocking reputation or produce vibration.

6, bucket of compressor oil gas leaks badly oily or flat.

The hand is moved cease machine operation

1, press “OFF” stops pushbutton, need action of system of the control after 10-15 second, compressor stops.

2, shut need to stop compressor system.

3, open an empty a powerful person that needs to stop.

4, cut off advocate mains switch.

Special attention:

Pneumatics pilot time stays machine restart, must not press the button that start directly, nose is short of oily card very easily to die, want the way that changes with the dot to start without fail!

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