In the electric energy that air compressor wastes, change truly become those who compress air to have efficiency to be less than 20% , additionally 80% above are changed into heat energy. If compressor of air of will much stage comprises air to compress a group of planes to undertake centralized controlling, this also is confirmed to be a kind of efficient energy-saving way.

The sources of energy that national hair changes actually to apply uses up gross and intensity “ double accuse ” to act, be with energy-saving carry high-energy effect to promote economic transition to upgrade, the significant move of transition of green of the sources of energy. Governmental function branch uses the necessary administrative method such as machine of technology, law, essence integratedly, advance in the round energy-saving fall bad news works, obtained remarkable result, arrive from 2013 2017, accumulative total of specific power consumption of national unit GDP drops 20.9% .


Compress air to regard 3 great power as one of sources, applied field is very extensive, however, the specific power consumption that compress air to obtain those who accord with a standard and arises also is very tall. Air compressor is occupied in the specific power consumption in industry than for 8.7% , be in China, air compressor year bad news report is one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two degrees to be as high as 3 more. Show according to investigating an analysis, general compression of China in air system, the waste of specific power consumption of 40% above does not match in power plant load, terminal facilities manages a network with gas extensive, air feed configuration is unreasonable on. To a few large family that use gas, need every year to shrink empty atmospheric pressure only engine system can effect promotes a percent, that is counted namely with 1 million plan charge of electricity!

During 925 ” of the 915 ” of “ in the past, “ , the country has begun to undertake to the tall specific power consumption such as the fan of numerous enterprise, water pump energy-saving transform, those vogue did not involve air compressor deep energy-saving. Now, as national “ of 935 ” energy-saving program carry out stage by stage, the compression of the enterprise air system is energy-saving show its increasingly significant position.

A kind of system emerge as the times require that the name is ” of station of “ energy-saving pneumatics. The system of ” of station of “ energy-saving pneumatics of research and development of a few businesses can produce the characteristic using gas of equipment in the light of the factory, undertake energy-saving canal controls network of canal of energy-saving system, pneumatics special and energy-saving canal dominates system, fag end systematic management, raise air compressor to use efficiency, this can improve the automation level of management of the enterprise not only, fractional energy savings can be amounted to 30% , give the benefit outclass that the enterprise brings common energy-saving device from this.

The personage inside course of study knows, in the electric energy that air compressor wastes, change truly become those who compress air to have efficiency to be less than 20% , additionally 80% above are changed into heat energy. If compressor of air of will much stage comprises air to compress a group of planes to undertake centralized controlling, this also is confirmed to be a kind of efficient energy-saving way. This kind of integrated and energy-saving method is the canal from stand-alone equipment accuses to turn into whole the canal that reduces air system accuses, accuse to turn into to change a canal to accuse subtly from extensive canal.

In systematic executive process, will stand to air compressor room, be defeated by the tracheal net, equipment that use gas to wait undertake a series of transforming, increase load, those who make match efficiency with air compressor, promotion compresses airy to use efficiency. After the system of ” of station of “ energy-saving pneumatics of a success is carried out, outside going out to be able to realize manufacturing industry domain to reduce the energy-saving benefit of air system, the intelligence that still can realize industrial business to reduce air system is changed, automation, informatization management.

Current, this system is in actual process, equipment of aftertreatment of the air compressor that faces different brand, different time and air compressor shows stronger compatibility, it not only can produce tolerance according to air compressor reasonable match drier to move, still can be monitored and control the cooling system, device such as conduit air feed, calculate the power consumption of the equipment inside the system, airy is compressed in monitoring a system in real time each parameter information.

System of energy-saving pneumatics station does not need an user to have investment and operation, reduce the cost that use gas as far as possible. In this system, pneumatics station favourable geographical position uses technology of content couplet net, gather data information, build sensor network, use embedded systematic technology, real time collects pneumatics to stand parameter of relevant equipment moving information, craft, be united in wedlock with Internet, regard pneumatics of wisdom the sources of energy as the data base of the station.

Energy-saving model pneumatics equipment is compositive sensor and the intelligence that intelligence controls a system turn equipment, shirt-sleeve IT and advanced production technology, intelligent control technology, air compressor pays close attention to to run efficiency in key of air compressor domain, of equipment of pneumatics of the biggest play can effect, the structure of type standardization suits its container very much large-scale make and facilitating shift, special apply to share model pneumatics stands.

Intelligence changes data monitoring platform to be received around the “ of air compressor, canal, calculate, with, dimension ” complete lifecycle, provide data of real time drifting type and structured data receive, the cloud serves related compositive, processing, the fast assemble that realizes big data, general management, efficient computation, trends is associated. Use computation of big data technology, cloud, associated analysis, intelligence to change the method such as the service, run the analysis of data through air compressor, undertake early-warning well and truly to equipment malfunction, the operation that improves a plant greatly is safe. Allocate through optimizing especially with rigid control, the oldest rate rose air compressor to run efficiency, reduced use specific power consumption.

From “ 935 ” begin, mode of station of this kind of energy-saving pneumatics will be in promotion of countrywide big range, change through intelligence, the configuration design of standardization, eliminate small effect equipment, optimize distribution of pneumatics station room, stability compresses air to output pressure, improvement purifies use environment, advance green low carbon, reduce operation cost, run mode reasonably neatly, the initial stage that can solve an user again invests pressure.

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