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16 01, 2023

Does the compressor that do not have oil compress air true not oiliness? The truth is not such!

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A lot of centrifugal when doing the market to publicize with compressor of the screw that do not have oil, say to obtain attestation of orgnaization of tripartite authority, yielding compression air oil content can achieve Class 0, can achieve do not have oil absolutely. It is not quite rigorous that this is stated. Manufacturer and user are to negotiate the numerical value under Class 1 to the definition of Class 0 of total oily content in ISO8573-1 2010, is not under 1 class is 0 class, not be not to have oil absolutely more.  

12 01, 2023

How to solve the problem that produces gas inadequacy without oily pneumatics machine

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Machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil is current mechanical equipment. But in the process that using, air feed inadequacy is one of phenomena that often produce. How that solves this problem? It is the problem that the person that use pays close attention to, explain in detail for everybody below, the hope can help great master. One, the particular case using gas that a lot of users just begin type selecting problem not to know he are produced, about type selecting, do not come on exhaust pressure at this moment, under rated exhaust pressure, cannot satisfy a factory

9 01, 2023

Why to choose without machine of oily screw pneumatics ” high quality ” , is ” low case ” ?

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According to statistic, 15% what occupy an enterprise to always use n about without bad news of function of oily screw pneumatics. Additional, in compressing airy preparation, the electric energy of about 90% by translate into quantity of heat, only the electric energy of 10% is become to compress air by changeover. This shows, the specific power consumption of air compressor is very tremendous. When buying machine of pneumatics of the screw that do not have oil, choosing cheap compressor is understandable, all these are for managing cost and be economical. However, when buying machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil, pass

8 01, 2023

Why to choose water machine of pneumatics of the lubricant screw that do not have oil?

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Water lubricates to use the pure water that permits accord with drink water gauge to lubricate without oily pneumatics machine, whole the participation that compresses a process to do not have oil completely. Because what this offers, is 100% those who do not have oil is clean compress air. Product characteristic: 1. Efficient, reliability is high, 100% pure the isotherm that compresses air, ideal without oil compresses, capacity: 2.3-21.3m3/min. 2. The electric control system with superior technology, show loving care for considerate maintenance to indicate every aircrew to all collect in order to

27 12, 2022

The application of machine of pneumatics of the screw that do not have oil in food industry

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Empty press is applied to in food industry blend liquid, biscuit to ferment box day burns gas (oxygen) , the cleaning machine weapon that carries sprinkler head, belt of shower nozzle clear household utensils, transmission raw material, feed category to take off dry, worry unnecessarily. Food industry posture makes a trade to other treatment and character, food sanitation safety is crucial. When selecting pneumatics engine, select engine of pneumatics of type of the screw that do not have oil more, it is to ensure product quality. So a lot of people want to ask, choosing is not not to have oily empty press to cannot ensure produce

16 12, 2022

Seek the market of the compressor that do not have oil and way

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The instantly with greater pressure of be issued to lower levels grows in compressor whole, the rise of market of the machine that do not have oil is potion undoubtedly can the strong heart needle of hearten prices, change competitive additional monarch to path for company diversity. According to not complete count, china did not have the total shipment volume of oily air compressor to be close to 5000 2018, but basically be forestall of place of foreign capital brand, chinese · China, China held the market share that exceeds 50% twice. So, other company wants to have in domain of the compressor that do not have oil

9 12, 2022

Model of engine of 5 common kinds of pneumatics do not have oil on market actors or actress inferior position is compared

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In pharmacy industry, need of general pharmaceutical factory undertakes be controllinged strictly to compressing the water in air and oil. And the oil in compressing air still basically produces the empty press that compresses air place to use to bring. Below strict requirement, without oil model pneumatics machine becomes more and more welcome. To this, the article will introduce a few kinds of market to go up not to have model of oily pneumatics engine commonly to everybody, include not to have type of machine of oily piston pneumatics, vortex not to have oily machine, dry type not to have oily machine, water to lubricate without oily machine, centrifugal type the machine that do not have oil. Without

7 12, 2022

Chinese gas and craft ministry offer technology of the compressor that do not have oil, provide fuel for contemporary LNG cargo ship

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The near future, gas of Chinese · China and craft ministry obtained revolutionary order in market of cargo ship of liquefied natural gas. To Korea SamSung heavy industry dockyard offers compressor of gas of 8 HD centrifugal type, 8 do not have the heater of compressor of oily screw BOG and form a complete set and evaporator. These equipment will apply at 4 180, on the shipping of 000 stere. First equipment will in October 2019 consign client, the others equipment will 2020 the 2nd quarter

31 10, 2022

Heat energy of machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil reclaims analysis

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1, the pressurization that without oily pneumatics machine air of cooling job principle passes filter to enter rotor of low pressure of the first class and refrigeration of the condenser intermediate, repass pipeline system enters the pressurization of rotor of high pressure of the 2nd class and aftercooler refrigeration, make the compression of tall oil air lowers acceptable rate. The cooling water of the outside enters aftercooler, intermediate condenser and oily condenser, cooling high temperature compresses air and high temperature oil. Oil cools through pipeline system low-pressure rotor and high-pressured rotor, high temperature oil enters oil


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