Water lubricates to use the pure water that permits accord with drink water gauge to lubricate without oily pneumatics machine, whole the participation that compresses a process to do not have oil completely. Because what this offers, is 100% those who do not have oil is clean compress air.

Product characteristic:

1. Efficient, reliability is high, 100% pure the isotherm that compresses air, ideal without oil compresses, capacity: 2.3-21.3m3/min.

2. The electric control system with superior technology, show loving care for considerate maintenance to indicate every aircrew to all collect microcomputer of in order to to control a system, have ego to diagnose reach protective function. Indication face plate of Chinese liquid crystal can show unit operates actually circumstance. If aircrew malfunctions, computer controls a system to be able to make corresponding response according to different situation. Computer control system can hint the user changes in time the component makes necessary maintenance, aircrew computer system stays have reserve output, input terminal can realize much stage set interlocking control and far end are controlled. Make sure safety works for you one day 24 hours.

3. Former outfit imports mainframe

Screw lead plane uses water of odd screw of Japanese Mitsui company lubricant airframe, after appearing on the market 1982, pass test and verify of nearly 20 years in the market, in air quality, energy conservation and Gao Ke rely on to spend, all prove its advanced technology quality. As a result of the perfect structure of its itself, brought up its to be compressed completely evenly symmetrically, its vibration is less, noise is lower. ◇ does not have oily air quality completely

Replace oil with water, implementation is lubricant, cooling, sealed, fall the great merit effect of a confusion of voices, offer high grade the air do not have oil of 100% , the water of free from contamination, release is beardless and special processing, accord with environmental protection requirement. As a result of the action of water, its compress the isotherm that is ideal, the dry type compressor with the more general wind force of every unit horsepower raises yield 15% .

4. Ideal isotherm is compressed

Theoretic, compress with adiabatic process when the air of 20 ℃ because do not have cooling medium to participate in,compress to 0.7Mpa; , the air of eduction prep above 250 ℃ . And the lubricant water infuse that our appliance has cooling effectiveness is compressed room, exhaust temperature will fall to 40 ℃ , achieve efficient isotherm to compress. As a result of,the moisture content in compressing air also is met of temperature reduce and reduce. In the meantime, lubricant water will take away the dust in air further.

5. Accord with environmental protection requirement

Air compressor and other fittings all use proper material to pledge and rust in order to prevent through processing, compress room spacer to if the water filter of the tall precision of advanced material qualitative; such as pottery and porcelain, carbon fiber is efficient,also be used filter foreign matter, ensure lubricant water maintains clean water quality.

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