The near future, gas of Chinese · China and craft ministry obtained revolutionary order in market of cargo ship of liquefied natural gas. To Korea SamSung heavy industry dockyard offers compressor of gas of 8 HD centrifugal type, 8 do not have the heater of compressor of oily screw BOG and form a complete set and evaporator. These equipment will apply at 4 180, on the shipping of 000 stere. First equipment will in October 2019 consign client, the others equipment will 2020 consign of the 2nd quarter.

The liquefied natural gas is marine come at transporting the liquefied natural gas from exit dock receive dock. Worldwide inside, the typical carriage ability of boat of liquefied natural gas is: Old ship is 130, 000 M 3, the largest existing ship is 216, 000 M 3. Besides, even a few distributing the boat of small-sized liquefied natural gas in foreland, it is about 10, 000 stere, use at Chinese market to transport a liquefied natural gas.

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The compressor that gas of Chinese · China and craft ministry offer in the project here

HD compressor, also be called vapour circumfluence air-blower. It is an only course, large flow, the centrifugal type compressor of low pressure ratio. Apply to LNG cargo ship, every boat installs two HD compressor normally.

The main function of HD compressor is to manage the steam that produces during shipping lades to deliver gas (BOG) . Lade in the begining, inside cabin normally prep above normal temperature, the liquid is being made an appointment with – the meeting when coal tub is medium is entered to have boiling of many liquid flash vaporization below 163 ℃ , must undertake compression and remand the again liquefacient device on the bank. Besides boiling gas, also be needed to be sent to the bank to fall in order to ensure coal tub pressure maintains in the pressure of prep above atmosphere by the gas of liquid eduction.

In addition, as preparation is enabled inside cabin. After boat building, after dry a depressed place, air was filled in gas tank. Before the liquefied natural gas enters storage tank, must remove air. This is to pass first pump enters nitrogen, next again pump comes true into carbon dioxide, in order to ensure all oxygen already by purify. Before dry dock, inside empty cabin of need Qing Dynasty, this process will be conversed. air replace cabin, defend mobile safety in order to ensure the examination is mixed.

Apply to: LNGC, FSRU, add concentrate a ship, FLNG

(LD) BOG of small negative charge does not have oily screw compressor. Use at advancing systematic combustion BOG for its. It is little flow, low-pressure, without oily screw compressor. The compressor of the new-style screw that do not have oil that SamSung is versed in Korea uses Chinese · China again is air feed of its XDF engine–This is the first time inside course of study uses this kind of technology. Special design uses this kind of new compressor technology at satisfying requirement of modern boats and ships, the insulation measure reductive that includes to XDF pressure asks and be improved evaporates aeriform discharge. Compare with fuel injection compressor, the design that do not have oil can be lengthened safeguard interval, and can be used together with again liquefacient system, won’t pollute heat exchanger or LNG goods.

Apply to: LNGC, add note, LNG fuel

In addition Chinese · China still can offer in LNG industry catenary:

Compressor of BOG centrifugal type is similar LD compressor. Can be used technically at compressing BOG and dispatch its again liquefacient system. In this application, we have extensive outstanding achievement, this compressor applies at made of baked clay Ceylon (call Hamworthy before) Shanghai east project, compress with us normally expand assorted plane Compander is used together.

Compress expand assorted plane Compander. Mix compressor expand machine combination is on an equipment, machine interior is expanding to undertake heat insulation expands waiting for entropy after nitrogen is compressed through multistage, to expanding at the same time the axis of machine turns over acting to reduce electric machinery power to use up, can reduce specific power consumption about 15% . The temperature after nitrogen acting expands drops the liquefacient temperature to natural gas – 162 ℃ , in cold box, high-pressured BOG and microtherm liquid nitrogen undertake heating up exchange, gaseous natural gas by the nitrogen liquefaction of microtherm.

Again liquefacient case consults please before small letter text: Case | moves successfully – Chinese · China aids force LNG boat again liquefacient system

Gas of Chinese · China and craft ministry offer the solution of whole set for LNG industry catenary, aim each link can improve productivity. Include liquefaction, carry, memory is added note, again aerification.

Fuel of liquefied natural gas (LNG Fuel)

Liquefaction of float type natural gas produces device (FLNG)

LNGC of LNG cargo ship

Float type LNG stores reach enrage masked buy again (FSRU)

Add the Bunker that concentrate a ship

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