Empty press is applied to in food industry blend liquid, biscuit to ferment box day burns gas (oxygen) , the cleaning machine weapon that carries sprinkler head, belt of shower nozzle clear household utensils, transmission raw material, feed category to take off dry, worry unnecessarily.

Food industry posture makes a trade to other treatment and character, food sanitation safety is crucial. When selecting pneumatics engine, select engine of pneumatics of type of the screw that do not have oil more, it is to ensure product quality. So a lot of people want to ask, is choosing not to have oily empty press to cannot ensure product quality? Because feed the pneumatics machine that uses in moral course of study must accord with low noise, and environment must clean character, because this does not have machine of pneumatics of oily screw type,be food industry the pneumatics engine model that uses extensively.

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Its understand this in the in applying watch of food industry, pneumatic of equipment use means. Use what its eduction comes to contain constant actuating pressure compress what gas will promote equipment of machine of after the event to move, at this moment compress gas general not instantly with feed category to contact, be aimed at the regulation that reduces aeriform quality consequently is not very tall. This kind is applied, press muscularity to fluctuate in 0.6mpa about in the light of the exhaust that compresses gas, for tolerance the operation of general basis enterprise is made clear.

Use the pattern of gas source device, what produce without machine of oily screw pneumatics is high quality compress gas, for food treatment production enterprise provides unbroken and incessant power, operate the facility that contacts directly with food secondhand. Spoken parts in an opera, indirect sex contact is to point to compress air not to contact food or beverage instantly, pass however other media and feed category or drink contact, be like coke bottle, mineral water bottle clear and the canister of drink installs these.

Although say to do not have,have at the moment with feed category to be contacted instantly, but very tall also to compressing aeriform character to ask. The exhaust pressure that reduces gas fluctuates in 0.5-0.6mpa about. According to above two apply, confirm machine of pneumatics of the screw that do not have oil to have convenient and quick, low noise, care and maintenance in the application in food industry simple and easy wait for character.

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