1 , foreword

Factory of cent of motivation of production factory of China coal chemical industry has Tang Shanjia machine of pneumatics of 8 screw type, responsible equipment coal, coking plant, purify and the appearance wind that motivation distinguishs a works 4 times, remove dust wind, motivation wind uses the gas, supply that makes nitrogen use gas with 2 to decoke, although belong to,supply complementary system, but air feed one but occurrence problem produces those who affect whole company the system, so the stability of pneumatics machine moves crucial. And of pneumatics machine upholding charge is more must the charge of defray, how reduce pneumatics chance safeguard charge to become first issue. Two pneumatics machine is the 1 # in machine of pneumatics of 8 screw type, 2 # Shanghai some company produces, 6 pneumatics machine is 3 # , 4 # , 5 # , 6 # , 7 # , 8 # Beijing some company produces, but their working principle is basic and same, fragile the service life of spare parts somewhat difference. The article with Beijing machine of some company pneumatics is exemple talk to be overhauled through establishing a plan to pneumatics machine mode and undertake improvement to filter core, will reduce uphold charge.

2, pneumatics machine builds a plan to overhaul mode

In the daily breakdown processing of pneumatics machine, most the breakdown that often appears is exhaust temperature measure high with bad news oil big, and exhaust temperature is the commonnest in tall generation reason is oily filter filter core jams, use overtime of pneumatics engine oil and condenser surface are too dirty or jam, capacity of bad news oil is the commonnest in large generation reason is oily fine segregator filter core burst. Among them filter core and oily fractionize leave oily filter implement what filter core belongs to pneumatics machine is fragile spare parts, still have air filter besides filter core, pneumatics engine oil needs to change regularly.

(1) 1500h of run time of proposal of air filter core, and need clears regularly, general 2 ~ are blown 4 weeks sweep 1 times, should use the gas source under 2 Kg to undertake blowing sweeping.

(2) oily filter core suggests moving 3500h changes, perhaps concentrate oil pressure power under 0.25 m Pa when, the proposal changes.

(3) the oily core that divide filter suggests moving 5000h changes, oily perhaps cent presses difference to exceed 0.055 m Pa to suggest to change.

(4) pneumatics engine oil suggests moving 2000h undertakes sampling is analysed, whether does the decision change according to assay result.

3, of core of pneumatics machine filter improve

Filter of air of 3.1 pneumatics machine of filter core improve

Before air enters a system, pass air filter first, so air filter filter core quality, filter area of precision, convection affects set oily system directly (include oily filter the filter core, oily core that divide filter) , the service life of the nose equipment such as bearing, rotor.

The filter of pneumatics machine the outside all small this world, grain filters, the core of filter of the first protection that is pneumatics machine, the other that grows pneumatics machine to delay is fragile the service life of spare parts, through searching the data is mixed advisory manufacturer, we filter what 6 pneumatics machine uses so the empty filter instead that precision is 10μ m filters the empty filter that precision is 3μ m . Precision change, to do not affect convection area, do not affect produce tolerance, 20cm of original empty filter lengthen, corresponding installation component all lengthen. After investment is used, the service life of filter core lengthens filter of pneumatics engine oil apparently.

3.2 oily filter the improvement of filter core

Oily filter is OK pneumatics machine interior the impurity in oily system filters, will protect aircrew, it is the core of the 2nd filter of pneumatics machine. Inside the average service life of core of buy oily filter is controlled in 1000h. The service life after empty filter undertakes improvement rises somewhat, but still put in oily filter to jam, oiling pressure drops, bring about aircrew temperature to lift, platoon air temperature spends the phenomenon that lifts quickly.

To can prolong the service life of oily filter further, we browsed a large number of data, draw lessons from other type oily filter, 1 will original finally inside instead of buy oily filter 2 outside buy oily filter is shunt-wound. Inside the price of buy oily filter is controlled for 1660 yuan, 2 outside the price of buy oily filter is controlled for 1440 yuan, the oily filter cost after improving did not raise, and service life rises greatly. The service life that runs aircrew to use oily strain now already all exceeded 2000h, highest already achieved 6000h, still did not appear oiling pressure drops phenomenon, the effect is first-rate.

The influence after core of two kinds of filter improves 3.3 pneumatics chance

Oily fine segregator is the device that the rudimental oil depart in will compressing air comes out. As the addition of aircrew run time, filter core surface can have oily fine segregator sticky thick substance, make oily cent presses difference to increase gradually, the power consumption that divides those who press difference to increase unit as oil also increases subsequently. And oily cent presses difference to cross congress to cause oily fine segregator filter core damaged, make reduce air oil content tall, already loss the oil inside aircrew, because the carbolic element sieve of the alumina that can cause follow-up equipment drier again, machine that make nitrogen enters gas oil content tall and toxic.

If the oily core dividing filter of pneumatics machine is new,change, its oil cent presses difference to be 0.01 ~ 0.02mpa, and the oily core that divide filter ran 2000h left and right sides, its oil cent presses difference to be 0.03 ~ 0.04mpa, new change the pneumatics machine power consumption of oily cent is low, run report of long pneumatics opportunity cost tall. Need oil is so fine the oily cent of segregator filter core presses difference not to want too tall, more cannot damaged, change 1 the oily core that divide filter needs 8000 multivariate, the service life that prolongs it appropriately maintains cost to reducing pneumatics chance very significant.

Of pneumatics machine cooling fluid use the stand or fall that affects whole set directly, and the price is high, the service life that prolongs pneumatics machine cooling fluid has a sense more.

After the empty filter of pneumatics machine, oily filter is improved, prolonged the service life of oily filter not just, still lengthened oily fine segregator the service life of cooling fluid of machine of filter core, pneumatics. Filter core and pneumatics machine cooling fluid are in oily fine segregator the use time mean life before core of pneumatics machine filter is transformed is controlled in 4000h.

After core of pneumatics machine filter is improved, each aircrew oil divides filter core to already all exceeded 5000h now, did not appear oily cent presses difference to lift divide damaged phenomenon with oil, did not affect pneumatics machine to use the quality of n and follow-up wind source; The use time of pneumatics machine cooling fluid all also exceeds 5000h, each index all does not exceed sampling analysis result mark, can continue to use.

4, conclusion

From pneumatics machine fragile spare parts improves around to produce per year unripe charge to look in every, make sure air filter core can prolong the service life of oily, oily cent, oily filter without damaged, the spare parts inside protective unit is not damaged, and of empty filter low-cost, of empty filter change periodic and fixed after be moving 1500h, undertake changing, so this part safeguards empty filter charge is fixedder. Every equipment before be being improved through consulting to overhaul a record to this is annual and average change part time and charge, after discovery is improved, oily filter service life is calculated by 3500h, oily cent and cooling fluid press computation of service life 5000h, the frequency reachs charge, among them every change 1 second cooling fluid needs half pails.

Machine of the pneumatics before transforming year upkeep costs is 318706.2 yuan, machine of the pneumatics after transforming year upkeep costs is 208143 yuan, after through computation core of pneumatics machine filter is improved, equipment predicts every year OK and managing uphold charge 110563.2 yuan.