In whole operation process, a lot of enterprises can encounter need to improve the condition of crop quickly.

In whole operation process, a lot of enterprises can encounter need to improve the condition of crop quickly. But what do this compress air unit to mean to theirs? Collect the important reminder that needs an attention 6 times about reducing air system.

1. Compressor

Did not forget compressor! If you must raise yield quickly, so still a lot of things want to catch up with! But, the compressor system that one of facets with successful the most important shift gears are you – the reason is very simple: Did not compress air, cannot produce. Your current air compressor is capable to carry movement, and the demand that whether is because crop increases,enough dealt with and brings increases its current situation? If the answer is negative, not affirmatory perhaps, please with compress air expert or service department connection. They can help you need to increase to more or less compress air certainly quantity and any services ask or uphold requirement.

2. Demand upgrades

Demand upgrades. The demand that if you are considering to buy an additional air compressor,increases in order to suit ceaselessly, so buy a large compressor likelihood more economy. Reservation old compressor regards backup – as you do not know forever advocate when can equipment produce accident situation, thereby dead stop produces the likelihood.

3. Moisture

More compression more downstream water divide air = . Whether does your system prepare the redundant moisture content that should add a generation to compressing air? According to your application, moisture may be mixed to your equipment product quality causes adverse effect. Before raising yield, the dry method that notices the system is existing please (pass compositive air desiccator, aftercooler)

4, enough storage space

Is there enough storage space? Gas tank is offerred store temporarily, your system can use it during peak demand. Upgrade storage equipment will conduce to ensure enough air is supplied, reduce the starting number of compressor electromotor at the same time.

5, leak, leak, more leak

The leak cost that reduces air system is high, can occupy the 20-30 % of the sources of energy with wasteful system at most. Hear the flat voice that is less than 80 % even! Increase brought compression as crop air increases, this may bring about many energy cost to be wasted. You can study the flat – in spending bit of time study how to eliminate a system even new compression air conduit option!

6, say hello to to new technology

In 10 years of in the past, compressed air technology to obtain great progress. Ensure you know the newest function that compresses air technology now and dominant position, if your compressor is installed,already exceeded word of 10 years especially.

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