Screw machine exhaust takes oily breakdown factor

In the breakdown of screw type compressor, exhaust belt oily breakdown is most common, the main factor that causes exhaust to take oily trouble has:

Occurrence attaint of 1 oily detached fuse

In the moving process of screw type compressor, occurrence attaint of oily detached fuse is like damaged, perforative phenomenon, so the action that its lost oil gas to depart. That is to say gas mixture is in charge of direct be well versed in with the exhaust of compressor, so much cooling oil was not come out by depart, meet as gas together by eduction airframe, caused appear in exhaust process the breakdown that carry oil.

Occurrence breakdown of 2 vitta road

In the working process of screw type compressor, bear of the pipeline that answer oil emphasizes wanted responsibility, interior of oily detached fuse and compressor entrance can form difference of a kind of pressure, in this kind of pressure wrong action falls, the oil that the pipeline that answer oil is in charge of collecting the bottom of oily detached fuse carries a compressor, issueing a circular process to relay add is used. If answer oil path to appear,jam, rupture and installation is incorrect wait for breakdown, the oil that cannot collect bottom of oily detached fuse carries a compressor, the oil that causes bottom keep long in stock is overmuch, so the oil that this part was not transported to answer compressor will as aeriform eduction, the appearance that takes oil appears in process of meeting occurrence exhaust.

Control of 3 systems pressure is too low

In the moving process of screw type compressor, systematic pressure control is too low, will cause the centrifugal force inside segregator to be less than the job to ask to leave mental efforts, so the action of segregator comes out now with respect to won’t complete system, can cause the oil content that enters the gas inside fuse of segregator of below one link exorbitant, exceeded its depart range, also brought about oil gas depart is not complete, appear in compressor exhaust process the breakdown that carry oil.

Invalidation of valve of 4 the least pressure

In the moving process of screw type compressor, the action of valve of the least pressure is to make sure control of pressure of the system in moving process is over the least pressure. If valve of the least pressure appears invalidation phenomenon, so the least pressure of the system will not assure, because the air consumption of lottery equipment is very big, can create systematic pressure too low, the pipeline that answer oil cannot answer oil. The oil that gathers in bottom of oily segregator fuse will not be answered send compressor inside, meeting as compress aeriform eduction compressor, cause the trouble carrying oil in smooth exhaust process.

The cooling oil that adds inside 5 compressor is overmuch

Before screw type compressor moves, affiliation cooling oil is overmuch, exceed the range of compressor, so in the moving process in compressor, because oil level is exorbitant, although separate system came out oil gas depart, but in gas in discharging, gas returns oily be involved in of meeting general refrigeration to arrive among gas discharge, the oil content in causing a deflate system is exorbitant, occurrence belt oily breakdown.

6 cooling and oleaginous quantities are unqualified

Before compressor moves, added unqualified cooling oil, cooling perhaps oil exceeded applicable time, cannot have achieved cooling result. So in the moving process in screw type compressor, cooling oil lost its action, can not enrage oil cooling depart. So oily breakdown of occurrence belt of sure in exhaust process meeting.

Breakdown examination, eliminate step

The belt in the exhaust that should discover compressor is oily, need not dismantle solution equipment blindly, answer to undertake an analysis according to the generation reason of above however, according to undertake by the measure with arrive easily difficult, determine the position of breakdown happening. Can decrease to repair time and manpower in great quantities so.

Start normally when compressor, after the system achieves rated pressure, slow open exhaust brake valve, degree want as far as possible small, let a few aeriform eduction. At this moment, the paper towel that uses one Zhang Gan dry the air current to eduction, if paper towel becomes angry immediately,have oily drop, oil of the belt in the exhaust that can judge compressor exceeds bid. Measure according to oil is being carried in exhaust more or less to wait with different period of time, can undertake be judginged correctly to the place of breakdown happening.

When exhaust brake a powerful person degree increase, discover eduction air current submits uninterrupted smoother form, the oil content that makes clear air current is very big, examine a vitta to observe the condition answering oil of lens again. If answer what vitta observes lens to answer oily apparent increase, the cooling oil that is segregator fuse damaged or segregator commonly is added overmuch; If answer vitta to observe lens does not have an oil, rupture to answer vitta commonly, jam.

When exhaust brake a powerful person degree increase, the Duan Chengnong before discovering eduction air current mist shape, after spending period of time normal; Continue to add exhaust brake a powerful person leave degree, open all exhaust valve, observe systematic pressure is expressed at this moment, if the indication pressure of pressure watch is pressed under the set of valve of the least pressure force, exhaust valve still is continueing exhaust and air current submits uninterrupted smoother form. Appear this kind of phenomenon, breakdown is invalidation of valve of the least pressure commonly.

Should stop machine hind normally, put empty a powerful person automatically to undertake exhaust, if much oil is contained in exhaust, the specification puts damage of empty a powerful person automatically.

Common breakdown removes measure

It is sundry that screw type compressor is running the account that oily trouble takes in exhaust appearing in the process, different account needs what otherwise is the same as to solve measure.

Issue of damage of 01 oily detached fuse

Attaint of oily detached fuse is a kind of common phenomenon, be in so of screw type compressor before moving, need to undertake checking to equipment, answer in use process strict undertake according to operating rules, periodic answers to undertake maintaining to equipment after be being used. Discover oily detached fuse has damaged and perforative appearance, answer to undertake in time changing, those who assure equipment is normal move.

Occurrence problem of 02 oil path

In equipment moving process, if encounter an oil path to jam, need what check segregator first to press fall, if press,fall to need to undertake cleaning to oily segregator fuse without the problem, if oily segregator fuse appears,rupture to must undertake in time changing.

03 systems pressure has controlled small issue

To operating personnel, ought to be familiar with the control pressure of equipment, want to reduce systematic load when discovering a problem, make systematic pressing China undertakes to rated actuating pressure.

Problem of invalidation of valve of 04 the least pressure

In real operation, if discover lapse of valve of the least pressure, must undertake changing to its so, wait for change the reentry after finishing works all right.

05 compressor add the problem with cooling overmuch oil

The theory that should understand equipment to should add how many cooling oil first when adding cooling oil to compressor is worth, oily to refrigeration accretion is due person specially assigned for a task is responsible, should control commonly in what inspect looking glass mid and the following.

Problem of 06 cool oily quality

Oily to refrigeration accretion should is opposite strictly according to equipment the requirement of cooling oil undertakes additive, because different equipment is opposite,the requirement of cooling oil is different. The record answers to add time after adding, after waiting for cooling oil to obtain term of service, answer to change its on time. Oily to adding refrigeration quality is eligible should strict accuse, put an end to add unqualified cooling oil.

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Eliminate with solve a note

Solve in breakdown a few is there to must notice in the process, otherwise breakdown not only cannot eliminate, lead to bigger consequence possibly instead.

If judgement is the question that answers vitta, can be blocked up to answering vitta to clean a platoon or be to solder afresh. In this the process should notice: Must assure to answer the unobstructed of vitta above all, because solder,cannot make decrescent of conduit internal diameter; The installation position that is a vitta next must correct, the bottom center sunken part of general segregator fuse and the clearance that answer vitta termination are between 3 ~ 4mm.

If judge the issue that is segregator fuse, change only new segregator fuse. In this the process should notice: Above all, want the segregator fuse with new microscope to whether be out of shape, attaint; Next, the cleanness that wants a segregator cylindrical shell and coping union scale is done clean; Finally, whether does the sealed paper that segregator fuse coping should examine when installation have the electric system of metallic content and so on on mat, because refrigeration is oily,in segregator interior high speed rotates, can arise on segregator fuse many electrostatic.

If judgement is the problem with segregator overmuch oil level, want to be given off appropriately. The method that checks segregator oil level wants correct, above all aircrew must stop put a standard, if aircrew tilts point of view is too old, the oil level in segregator plan showing is inaccurate; Next, before the appropriate of period of time of the examination chooses to driving or stop machine after half hours.

Although screw compressor is the type with a kind of higher reliability, but also not be not to need to maintain and be safeguarded. Notice any equipment are “ is being used 3 minutes, maintaining 7 minutes ” , accordingly, no matter be exhaust oiliness or other breakdown, the care and maintenance in should strengthening operation works, eliminate breakdown in budding condition.

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