A lot of people know, two class suit compressor produce maximum pressure, one class suits to produce tolerance big. Occasionally, still need to undertake the compression of above twice, why to need to classification compress? Small today make up arrange everybody.

When asking aeriform actuating pressure is higher, use only course to compress not only wasteful, be impossible to come true even sometimes, must use multistage to compress. Multistage is compressed even if gas from inspiratory begin, pass step up a few times and achieve the actuating pressure of a need.

1, economic power is used up

Use multistage to compress, can adopt the method that installs intermediate condenser between class, make gas be compressioned is in after be being compressed through one class, undertake waiting pressing cooling first, in order to drop temperature, reentrance plays one class air cylinder. Low, density increases thermal drop, compress further easily so, it is OK to be compressed than quantity of result of greatly economic bad news. The area that because this is below same pressure,multistage reduces acting is compressed with respect to the class that compare sheet should little. The power comsumption of more province jumps over progression to be close to more more compress at isotherm.

Attention: The empty press of machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw has been been close to very much decide lukewarm process. If arrive at add of saturated condition succeed to reduce the sentence that continues to cool, will have condenser water separate out. These condenser water if with compress air to enter oil gas segregator together (gasoline tank) inside, can refrigerative oily emulsification, affect lubricant result. Increase as condenser water ceaselessly, oil level also can rise ceaselessly, cooling finally oil will be accompanying compresses air to enter a system, pollution compresses air, cause serious consequence to the system.

Accordingly, to prevent the generation of condenser water, compress the temperature inside antrum to cannot pass low, must be more than condensing temperature. If discharge air pressure to be 11bar (A) pneumatics machine, condensing temperature is 68 ℃ , should compress the temperature inside antrum under 68 ℃ when, will have condenser water separate out. Because screw of this fuel injection is empty,the exhaust temperature of press cannot pass low, namely the application that isotherm compresses got restrict as a result of the problem of condenser water in machine of fuel injection screw.

2, raise cubage utilization rate

Because make, installation and the account that run three sides, the clearance cubage inside air cylinder always is inevitable, and the effective volume that clearance cubage reduced air cylinder directly not only, and the high-pressured gas that remains among them still must expand to inlet pressure, air cylinder ability begins inspiratory and new gas, be equal to the effective volume that reduced air cylinder further so.

Not fathomless, if pressure is greater than healing, gas remains to expand inside clearance cubage more drama, air cylinder is effective cubage heals small. Below ultimate circumstance, can appear even after the gas inside clearance cubage expands completely inside air cylinder, pressure still not under inlet pressure, cannot continue to suck at this moment, exhaust, the effective cubage of air cylinder became 0. If use multistage to compress, criterion the compression ratio of each class is very small, gas of the remain inside clearance cubage expands a little can achieve inlet pressure, such nature can make effective cubage increases air cylinder, raise the utilization rate of air cylinder cubage thereby.

3, drop exhaust temperature

Follow the addition of compression ratio and the removes gas temperature of compressor lifts, taller exhaust temperature jumps over compression ratio tall, but exorbitant exhaust temperature often is unallowed. As a result of,this is: In oil-lubricated compressor, lube temperature was done can reduce viscosity, aggravate wears away, reach easily inside the crock when temperature is elevatory and exorbitant form on valve accumulate carbon, aggravate wears away, occupied produce explosion even. Be based on all sorts of reasons, restricted exhaust temperature greatly, must use multistage to compress so drop exhaust temperature.

Attention: Classification compress the exhaust temperature that can reduce screw pneumatics chance, also can make as far as possible Xiang Dingwen reduces the heating power process of pneumatics machine at the same time stand by, in order to achieve energy-saving result, but not be absolutely. Press the pneumatics of fuel injection screw under force 13bar to exhaust especially machine, the refrigeration that entered microtherm in the gush in reducing a process as a result of its is oily, compressed a process to had been been close to decide lukewarm process, do not have necessary reentry to go 2 class are compressed. If be in,this fuel injection undertakes classificationing compression again on cooling foundation, make a structure complex, production cost rises, still increased obstruction of going from place to place and additional power comsumption, the loss outweights the gain a bit. In addition, if temperature is too low, the word that forms condenser water in reducing a process will bring about systematic condition aggravation, cause serious consequence.

4, the aeriform force that reduces action to go up in piston lever

On piston compressor, should compress taller and when using only course to compress, air cylinder diameter is bigger, more expensive gas presses action to be on bigger piston area eventually, in the gas on the piston bigger. If use multistage to compress the air physical power that can reduce action to go up at the piston greatly to make an orgnaization deft likely consequently, mechanical efficiency rises.

Of course, multistage is compressed also is not progression has been jumped over more more. Because progression is more, compressor structure tends complex, dimension, weight and cost should raise; Aeriform passageway increases, the pressure loss of gas a powerful person and management increases etc, so sometimes progression is more instead when economy falls, progression became much athletic parts raises, malfunctioning opportunity also can increase. Because attrition increases, mechanical efficiency also will be reduced somewhat.

Those who affect compressor efficiency basically is nose inside divulge, multistage reduces the pressure ratio that can reduce each level, divulge inside pressure ratio small nature with respect to improvement, so multistage reduces the energy-saving effect with have certain. But if nose treatment precision is taller, can control interior space effectively, reduce inside divulge, remarkable energy-saving result can be achieved like. The component that only course compresses nose is compressed than multistage significantly little, many the reliability of the machine is high. Look from the angle of dependability, the stand-alone that high accuracy makes is compressed, more accord with user interest.

Proposal: Nose machines the circumstance with inferior precision to fall, the consideration compresses improvement through multistage machine can effect. If have the treatment requirement of high accuracy, still hold to only course to compress, use only course to compress spare parts amount to come up at the same time aggrandizement dependability sells a site. After all, the user pays attention to dependability more.

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