Compress air technology to move toward efficient times

——2019 compresses the development trend report of air technology

Compressing air is except electric power, the most extensive the sources of energy is used in industry and trade domain. Its wide application is to result from its are operated easily, speed density of fast, power is tall, safe and have the characteristic such as very good compatibility, but its higher cost also nots allow to ignore ……

Compressing air is except electric power, the most extensive the sources of energy is used in industry and trade domain. Its wide application is to result from its are operated easily, speed density of fast, power is tall, safe and have the characteristic such as very good compatibility, but its higher cost also nots allow to ignore. Accordingly, it is very important to understand and had used all spare latent capacities to the greastest extent. Realize the way with this one the quickest and efficient target to solve the problem that reveal namely. Be without those who divulge is sealed general to compressing air user it is impracticable, making an appointment with those who have 30% to compress air escape innocently to go in the environment.

No matter be of the equipment that pneumatics machine stands or control software,upgrade newlier, boge company can test from the examine and verify that reduces air system begin, the current and actual state that knows pneumatics machine station, be in measuring instrument of box type of user field assembly, and collect with two weeks time, record what user pneumatics machine stands to compress the data that air is used and controls a state, final expert gives optimized latent capacity size according to collection data estimation. Optimized key is the utilization of waste heat, control that uses higher level system, adjust every the rotate speed of pneumatics machine (frequency conversion) and use more efficient compress air preparation.

Compress airy allocation network

Reasonable compression the economy that air allocation network reduces air to use to rising is crucial. VDMA of association of German machinery manufacturing industry allocates — economy and safe program — at drafting occupation standard 15391-1“ to compress air Spring 2018 the 1st part: Program design and new setup set equipment ” , this part adds up to 86 pages, for broad the subdesign tool that compressed air system architect to offer content to abound.

Pass the example of article introduction, the user can know the value that reduces air allocation network clearly. The CO2 discharge capacity that the electric power that the technical reformation that Bode Chemie company stands through pneumatics machine can reduce 30 much KW every year is used up and 160t controls. In distributinging some company to be built in 2 workshop so for example (installation was used add up to 3 pneumatics machine) dispersive type compresses air to supply a network also by transform afresh entirely. Newly-built compression the core of air system is all sky press is set control government has in a room, what use production of Atlas company research and development is adjustable of rotate speed, compressor of air of type of the GA 45 VSD with lubricant fuel injection screw. 3 original empty press also move new empty press stands, bring into new compression air supplies a system in, because this is whole,compress air to supply a system to having performance of very high peak value amortize and require redundant reserve. Adopts technical reformation measure also was reduced 0.7MPa from original 0.95MPa. Compress and giving out heat is close together and relevant, this technical reformation confirms no less than again in that way, compress air by the “ of AltAIRnetive company research and development + principle of technology of ” of heat and power plant is the working motive force that the internal-combustion engine that uses combustion natural gas produces drive air compressor, the mechanical power of this one practice is 26 ~ 300kW, only then shed temperature to be 108 ℃ , its compress air effectively and produced heat energy to be united in wedlock one case. Its advantage is to do not have efficiency loss almost, because compress the quantity of heat of the generation when air,be used entirely almost at producing a course, is not in releasing environmental air in that way like traditional empty press. The thermal efficiency that the heat of the generation when air is compressed and the heat that internal-combustion engine produces link generation and modernization heat the system comparatives, say according to the supplier nowadays is ground of 0 loss ” uses “ almost compress air, the investment pay back period of equipment of a complete set of does not arrive on average two years half.

QiAir Compressor

Reduce airy green electric power

In addition, “ compresses air + harbour can power plant ” (abbreviation is CAES) technical pattern is very important also. Although we are right,compress air + the understanding that harbour can generate electricity is not quite deep still comprehensive, but this one technology can be mixed for a long time of economy store green electric power. Atlas company says its job principle is equivalent to pump water harbour can power plant, supply in electric power superfluous when, pneumatics machine reduces air very high compression ratio compress air. Between 1 ~ 20MPa, according to the different type of this one system, can achieve different pressure. In the meantime, the air that this kind of means compresses is deposited temporarily in appropriate container.

When using these to compress air, use the compression that store unit of air drive turbine (turbine adds a dynamo) decompression, the electric power of generation is OK feed goes in electrified wire netting. To can use this kind of new technology directly in practice, the community wind-force of Atlas company and Schleswig-Holstein area sent electric field to undertake cooperative, summary gave A-CAES (adiabatic type) compress air harbour to be able to generate electricity crucial data of the system. The conclusion that reach is with other electric power stores systematic photograph is compared, this one system more economy. In addition, a-CAES still provides rational talking to go up infinite the dominant position that second loop uses. Traditional electric power stores means can appear the problem of accumulator and ageing of hydrogenous fuel cell, lose because of its ageing store the ability of electric power, reduced thereby store the function of electric power, but the effect that the service life of A-CAES system suffers mechanical component and very small shrink element only.

The pneumatics network of type of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics

Boge company earlies childhood to analyse a service for detecting brand-newly, detect this kind in analysing a service to improve a plan continuously as the company (abbreviation CIP) a part. So doing is to make the air compressor of couplet net provides the data of state of pneumatics engine work that sensor detects continuously, next pneumatic technology software can have judge to these data. Appear when plant of pneumatics motor-driven power for example unusual when, the mobile terminal unit of the user can receive clew information. System of this one software still can offer pneumatics mechanic to make the forecast of moving circumstance, namely pneumatics machine may appear wear away alarm.

CIP ceaselessly the mechanical function of machine of pneumatics of test and verify, provide relevant data to manufacturer home. Manufacturer home undertakes an analysis to these data, find out thereby improve optimized latent capacity, find out the measure that reduces specific power consumption further for example. Boge company is inside the frame of CIP, offerred free pneumatics machine hardware and software to upgrade for the user service. Aerzen company is newest rolled out AERaudit sewage treatment plant can the technology that effect analyses serves. Plant of sewage purification processing has 80% to be used at biology aeration in total energy demand, because over there having the air-blower station with very can high cost. Nowadays, the sources of energy that the measurement that the user uses a movable type equips to be able to collect ventilated aeration in real time uses up data. This instrument can detect in real time the data such as pressure of discharge, system, temperature and power comsumption, come down according to the laden circumstance record of sewage purification equipment. On the foundation of these data, aerzen company can offer more efficient energy-saving program for the user.

According to the regulation of ISO 8573.1 standard, aerzen company uses 3 digit word to express to reduce airy quality, the 1st number expresses to reduce the grain concentration in air, the 2nd number shows among them moisture content, the 3rd number expresses to reduce the content of leftover oily vapour in air. Detect in the light of leftover oily steam, beko company is expanding his to measure the product range in technical domain. Compare with the testing instrument photograph previously, detector of new Metpoint OCV Compact is having shorter detect cycle and modular structural design. Accordingly, new instrument has unit compact, installation is used go to the lavatory and the characteristic with more powerful function, also having taller compression at the same time air remains oily vapour detects precision.

In some production process, for example company of ACU Pharma Und Chemie asks to there cannot be leftover oily vapour in compressing air, what its use is special eject is ground machine, its need is very clean with dry compression air implements first-rate micronization technology. What this company used in the past is the screw type air with 3 lubricant lube compressor, those who use is complex concentration control and the compression that dispersive control combines air does not have oily processing system, included adsorber of activated carbon of adsorptive and leftover oily steam among them. When extend pneumatics machine stands, the enterprise undertakes changing to all empty press, its purpose is for economy, agile high reliability ground production is mixed without oil compress air drily. Machine of the 4 DH that produce through considering to choose research and development of Gardner Denver company finally cautiously pneumatics that do not have oil, included to reduce air processing system among them. What machine of DH series pneumatics uses is brand-new air compresses a technology to deserve credit. What place of cylinder body of its pneumatics machine needs is lubricant, sealed with refrigeration be to use water to finish. This realized the clean, compression that does not have oil not only process, and still can produce efficiently compress air.

The design principle of small loss

Pneumatics machine station is normally according to modular the principle designs, the compression with the basic safeguard of energy-saving electric machinery that its use IE3 and IE4 level air air feed, when the height that use gas, OK and agile ground uses machine of pneumatics of peak value load to satisfy those who increased to reduce air demand. Future, in partial load the meeting below operating mode uses efficient pneumatics aircraft to assure air feed. The machine of screw type pneumatics with the ASD series adjustable rotate speed that Kaeser company research and development produces offerred very high performance and working reliability, cubage discharge is 3.15 ~ 5.5m3/min, have the sources of energy to use up very low, cover an area of the characteristic with small area. The synchronous magnetoresistive electromotor that what machine of this series pneumatics uses is production of research and development of Xi Menzi company, when partial load operating mode, this kind of electromotor rose than the efficiency of induction motor 10% . Energy-saving model frequency conversion electromotor is returned can machine of pneumatics of type of the RSF 87D that research and development of drive Renner company produces screw, the core component of machine of this kind of pneumatics is to compress module, it can with modular the part of other pneumatics plane of the design matchs optimally together. Accordingly, machine of whole platform pneumatics is OK and accurate the ground asks to design to compressing airy according to the user make.

Finally, need to notice, take a fancy to only when buying pneumatics machine purchase cost, deviated from the most advantageous solution, each efficient component the sum also can not get reasonable integral benefit certainly.