Show level, the enterprise advocates facility again and again 0 breakdown management, the personnel related requirement every and equipment should transform idea, the ” viewpoint change that always should want to give trouble from “ equipment does not let equipment produce breakdown ” for “ , “ breakdown can fall the viewpoint that is 0 ” , so, what is equipment 0 breakdown?

The essential condition that the equipment such as compressor is operation of modern industry company and actual strength are propped up, progress as the abidance of science and technology and develop at full speed, its are newer and intelligence turns promotion also accelerating gradually, this raised taller requirement to the equipment management of the enterprise. Whether benign movement will affect compressor facility directly enterprise “ crop, quality, cost, hand in period, all sorts of elements such as safety and morale ” . Accordingly, before maintain system and keep the idea that raises an activity, be necessary to have promotion, can deal with prospective change thereby.

” management regards 0 breakdown of compressor equipment “ as a kind of new management concept, already popularized inside a lot of company limits, the article makes further development discuss with respect to move of reason of malfunction of administrative characteristic, equipment, government.

What is 0 breakdown ” manages equipment “

0 breakdown of compressor equipment “ a kind ” is 0 concepts, absolute value of and rather than is 0, 0 breakdown ” manages “ is with “ 0 ” put an end to equipment with all one’s strength for the target a series of breakdown happening, produce order and carries out administration that maintain efficient, stability process, although its administrative target is 0 concepts, but it is not end result management however process management, it is to pass a series of active process management, advance to 0 concepts, rise through ceaseless helix, till can make,equipment malfunction decreases to be close to at “ the degree of 0 ” .

The core that 0 breakdown ” manages equipment “ is the overhaul outside putting an end to urgent maintenance and plan. The loss that the overhaul outside the plan and critical thinking build and repair become is tremendous, its consequence is very serious also, enterprise benefit is the greatest change the jumping-off place that 0 breakdown ” runs “ of since compressor equipment, it is its primary purpose.

0 breakdown ” manages compressor equipment “ is the administrative method of a systematization, it is not difficult that the 0 breakdowns of only station compressor or sex of aircrew implementation phase move, but how to affect it to the manufacturing catenary of whole company fall nadir, it is a complex issue, must consider integratedly.

The characteristic that 0 breakdown ” manages equipment “

(1) the guiding principle that insists to be given priority to in order to prevent. Its guiding ideology is prevent ” to give priority to with “ , change the traditional mind that gives priority to with repairing before, ground of utmost of in an attempt to reduces accident and breakdown to happen.

(2) execute complete a management. The maintenance that each employee that ask to enter manufacturing process should care and shares facility works, make produce personnel and equipment staff be in harmony to be an organic whole, become complete the foundation of an equipment management.

(3) highlight the idea that serves for production. Every course that whole equipment runs (include to move with the overhaul) press all “ standards and standard all ” are carried out, carry out what assured to produce a plan already so normally, satisfied overhaul requirement again, reflected the oneness of production and equipment and harmonious sex.

(4) tendentiousness management. Basis facility status will overhaul time and content certainly, had prevented to maintain or long maintenance, its elite depends on passing the examination to equipment to diagnose, discover the problem of deterioration tendentiousness from which, the life that casts equipment component thereby is periodic, overhaul a project certainly, put forward to improve measure, make equipment is in efficient, stable moving condition from beginning to end.

(5) administrative target concentration. It is to reduce equipment malfunction, 2 it is to reduce upkeep costs.

(6) standard everything. From “ standard everything, all normative ” angle set out, build a relatively whole standard system, carry out strictly. What emphasize among them is the standard that order check, the place set that equipment nods check to may produce equipment deterioration and breakdown namely a certain number of dots, the standard ordering check that implements calm dot, calm mark, fixed, calm law, calm person, maintenance technology standard, reach overhaul exercise level to oil standard.

(7) use PDCA job method. Various facilities management department should hold gain analysis to meet regularly, chase class to provide a data, will analyse breakdown circumstance, overhaul to carry out circumstance and upkeep costs to use a case with data and chart, put forward to improve countermeasure and executive measure.

(8) those who safeguard a worker is much can change. Because equipment is modern,level and the day that maintain a technology are exhibited inereasingly, taller and taller also to the quality requirement of maintenance technician, the fundamental theory level with must be had quite rich practical experience, certain and stronger administrative ability. The company culture spirit that proposes continuous study from the change spiritual outlook, angle that improves working technology.

As technical development, and equipment design and of production level rise, the likelihood realizes a few equipment all one’s life not to have overhaul, and maintenance of implementation life cycle is 0 also be complete likelihood.

The account that equipment malfunction produces

The reason that equipment malfunction produces is very much, can divide simply it is two kinds big: Congenital breakdown and use sex breakdown.

Congenital breakdown: Because design, make undeserved the facility that create is inherent blemish and caused trouble.

Will strictly tell, the congenital breakdown of equipment is restricted besides the level sex that suffers technology development outside, the operation after its design heart of the level of maker, responsibility and equipment to move, day-to-day management is factitious element, that is to say these are to be able to connect outstanding behavior to give pilot.

Use sex breakdown: The trouble that because install maintenance, moving operation and equipment nature,the element such as deterioration causes, can divide again for: Operate by accident, safeguard undeserved with disrepair.

Advance the act that 0 breakdown ” administers equipment “

Build get used to the company culture that 0 breakdown manage facility

Above all 0 breakdown ” manages equipment “ is to build be in complete an administrative method below equipment management system, must breed get used to the company culture that 0 breakdown ” manages equipment “ , include: Through building study atmosphere, creation learns a condition, form study group; Proper operating conditions is spent, admit ability difference, but the requirement does out best already; Bring up company person with ability, pay close attention to employee future; Ask every employee presses standard standard job to wait.

From strengthen equipment to safeguard proceed with basically

Alleged and basic safeguard, it is point out mistakes so that they can be corrected is adjusted truly, sweep, cheer, close solid. Trouble is caused by equipment deterioration, should strengthen equipment operation to reach only safeguard, make equipment moves below good position, the use cycle of equipment and life increase with respect to meeting stability.

Should strictly observe equipment use condition

Equipment decided use condition beforehand when the design. Designs according to this use condition equipment, if obtain these use condition strictly, produce breakdown rarely. For instance, condition of load, rotate speed, installation and temperature, be according to the characteristic of equipment decision. Operate facility blindly or spell equipment, the crop inside short perhaps time can increase somewhat, but will for a long time look to be able to be just the opposite to what one wished only, the loss outweights the gain. Should accomplish equipment 0 breakdown, should strictly observe equipment itself use condition.

Aggrandizement prevents maintenance, make equipment returns to normal

All equipment, although scrupulously abide by postulate, use condition, equipment still can produce deterioration, generation breakdown. Accordingly, make the deterioration of hidden trouble is changed apparently, made refreshment comes whack, this prevents the requirement of breakdown Yu Weiran namely. This is meant should undertake correctly checking, make equipment restores to be repaired to normal precaution.

How do analysing breakdown arise, because we did not notice the seminal blemish of breakdown before producing breakdown,this is. Such, we did not add breakdown seed of the attention to be called potential defect. According to the principle of 0 breakdown, it is these ” potential defect ” is changed apparently, try to take seriously before producing breakdown, such, grant to handle namely before these blemish form breakdown, can prevent breakdown. Accordingly, emphasis precaution is maintained, be those who realize 0 breakdown is important assure.

Improve the defective aspect on the design

Some breakdown even if after taking a few kinds of afore-mentioned the way to deal with a situation still cannot eliminate, and raised manufacturing cost because of these breakdown sometimes. This kind of equipment is the defect such as the technical force inadequacy of in design or phase of the construction that make generation or accident mostly. Accordingly, answer to analyse breakdown seriously, improve these defect, only ceaselessly from go up at all improve the element that restricts equipment safety to move, 0 breakdown ability comes true.

Enhance worker business technical ability

Achieve 0 breakdown administration, go up at all depend on a person, the biggest question is, although took the way to deal with a situation, return meeting generation to operate accident, repair accident to wait. To prevent this kind of breakdown, raise operation personnel to reach only conserve the professional skill of personnel.

How to have breakdown trouble removal

After equipment malfunction accident happens, want to organize rush to repair or processing quickly, resume production as soon as possible, the accident that presses a company manages method processing, hold to breakdown accident reason and responsibility not clear do not let off; Breakdown accident responsibility person was not let off with concerned personnel truly by education; The measure that prevent and handles breakdown accident is not fulfilled do not let off.

To involving the equipment that function, precision asks to malfunction the classics when the accident is overhauled after restoring, answer equipment (system) function, precision or crop (speed) undertake ability test and verify.

Aggrandizement repeats the management of breakdown accident, the member that major orders check is the direct responsibility person that repeats breakdown, also be to fulfil the responsibility person that corrects measure.

The place on put together is narrated, 0 breakdown ” manages equipment “ if the job can be solid spread out effectively in the round in the enterprise and obtain result, the production that will be a company surely is managed offer more firm and effective prop up.