1, principle of job of refrigeration of machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil

Air enters the pressurization of rotor of low pressure of the first class and intermediate condenser refrigeration through filter, repass pipeline system enters the pressurization of rotor of high pressure of the 2nd class and aftercooler refrigeration, make the compression of tall oil air lowers acceptable rate. The cooling water of the outside enters aftercooler, intermediate condenser and oily condenser, cooling high temperature compresses air and high temperature oil. Oil cools through pipeline system low-pressure rotor and high-pressured rotor, after high temperature oil enters oily condenser to cool, interiorly is used circularly. Pass rotor of high pressure of the 2nd class to pneumatics machine air compress, can achieve 180 ℃ ~ commonly the temperature of 190 ℃ , after the course is cooling, compress air temperature to be controlled commonly in 40 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ enter drier dry, the power input of pneumatics machine has 90% about (the major power that it is an axis) it is to serve as quantity of heat to be taken away through condenser, use up in the environment.

2, current situation analysis

Current situation of system of 2.1 pneumatics engine is analysed

Situation of 2 ZR200 recuperative heat water.

ZR200 heat energy reclaims analysis:

Reclaiming efficiency is 85% , to load rate is 90% , criterion full load of plane of pneumatics of these 2 ZR200 moves 20 hours to be able to be for the quantity of heat that reclaims everyday:

6120kWH (400×85%×90%×20=6120kWH. ) .

Current situation of the 2.2 systems that use heat is analysed

① winter. Warm oneself application + bathing water = applies integratedly

A. Warm oneself application

Winter warms oneself conduit backwater temperature is controlled for 50 degrees, the temperature that drink water is controlled for 65 degrees, pneumatics machine can reclaim temperature: Highest 90 degrees, pneumatics machine allows the cooling temperature that drink water highest 35 degrees. Pneumatics machine heat energy reclaims heat warm oneself prep above of temperature giving water 65 degrees (can go to 90 degrees) , backwater temperature under 35 degrees, 90% to load, reclaim 85% . Heat energy reclaims water everyday =174.86 of internal circulating load ton. 400*0.85*0.9*3.6/4.2/ (65-35) *20=174.86 ton.

=174.86*1.17/24* of quantity of heat of horary usable heating (65-50) =153.44kW.

(winter heating asks to give water temperature 65 degrees, backwater temperature 50 degrees. ) usable heating area is: 153.44/0.12=1278. (connect formulary heating area to be calculated according to 120W/ according to warming) .

Use at the quantity of heat that warm oneself to be everyday:

3068.8kWH. (153.44*20=3068.8kWH)

3068.8kWH is equivalent to 11047 million anxious

Calorific value of 180 tons of steam is: 2520 million are anxious / ton

Everyday economic vapour is amount to: 5.5 tons. (the maneuver of thermal efficiency benefit of 80% calculates vapour)

Vapour according to 250 yuan / ton, can save everyday: 1375 yuan.

130 days warm oneself computation, a winter can warm oneself save 178750 yuan.

B. Bathing application

Temperature of tap water winter is 0 degrees about, need heats to bathe for the worker to 50 degrees.

After heating through warming oneself, the temperature that pneumatics machine hot water reclaims spends the left and right sides for 50-55 about, can heat bathing water 45 degrees.

Machine of 2 ZR200 pneumatics can reclaim hourly quantity of heat: 306kWH (400*0.85*0.9=306)

Warm oneself to use hourly: 153.44kWH

Can be with the quantity of heat that at bathing water heats hourly: 152kWH.

Bathing water goes to 45 degrees to be able to add quantity of heat to be everyday from 0 degrees: 2.9 tons / hour.

Round-the-clock and OK production heats bathing water is: 58 tons / day (2.9*20)

Winter heats bathing water can save vapour: 5.5 tons.

One warms oneself integrated application can save winter everyday vapour: 11 tons.

One warms oneself winter uses OK and economic steam integratedly: 357500 yuan. (130 days of computation)

Winter quantity of heat is used at warm oneself and bathing to apply, bathing cistern heats after ending, all quantity of heat is used at warming oneself to apply.

Bathing water = applies season of ② the others integratedly

Bathing application

Tap water temperature is 15 degrees about, need heats to bathe for the worker to 50 degrees.

Machine of 2 ZR200 pneumatics can reclaim hourly quantity of heat: 306kWH (400*0.85*0.9=306)

Bathing water is to quantity of 50 degrees of hot water from 15 degrees: 7.5 tons / hour.

Round-the-clock and OK production heats bathing water is: 150 tons / day (7.5*20)

The others season is shut warm oneself system, satisfy the application of bathing system.

The others is seasonal (200 days of computation) if quantity of heat is used entirely, can save vapour: 2200 tons. (200*11) economic vapour: 550000 yuan.

③ annual cost saving calculates:

2 ZR200 heat energy is used entirely, annual can save vapour: 907500 yuan.

Summer of cooling and compensatory water can reduce ④ greatly, according to reduce 30 tons of additional amounts everyday, every tons 1.5 yuan, 150 days of computation can save: 30×150×1.5=6750 yuan.

⑤ add up to but cost saving:

Pneumatics machine quantity of heat applies + =91.3 of cooling water decrement 10 thousand yuan.

3, transform program

The main content that transforms this: Pneumatics machine provides high grade heat source, through transform and controlling made export water temperature reachs requirement temperature, transform system of cooling water of pneumatics machine interior, circular pump system, heat exchanges a system.

After pneumatics machine course is transformed, heat energy outputs module C to undertake outputting through heat energy, when exterior need not when quantity of heat, through reserving cooling water (the water of tower of former cold water) undertake coming loose heating up, those who assure pneumatics opportunity is normal move. After the air outlet temperature of pneumatics machine passes what add again cold implement A undertakes dropping in temperature, make sure air outlet temperature achieves the entry demand of drier. When press of high above in the sky leaves, open of corresponding DF of dynamoelectric a powerful person, draw quantity of heat. When pneumatics mechanism is shut, corresponding DF is shut but stay of 10% degree, the more than heat that assures pneumatics opportunity sends out. Bathing heat exchange applies, bathing cistern and the board type heat exchanger that bathe F1 heat exchange, outlet temperature is undertaken controlling by J1, when the temperature inside cistern achieves a requirement, g1 of water pump group stops to move. Bathing application, before bathing 15 minutes, answer open of H2 of water electron valve, constant pressure water pump G3 moves, the water warm-up inside conduit. H2 of backwater electron valve is shut after 15 minutes of delay time, bathe undertake, bathe end constant pressure water pump G3 is shut. The water level inside bathing cistern falls when certain proportion, open of H1 of valve of filling water electron, also but the hand uses filling water. Soft water box heats, after the water of soft water box arrives at F2 heat exchanger by former water pump, box of regurgitate soft water. When the water of soft water box Wen Da arrives when constant temperature, lukewarm accuse electronic valve H2 to shut. When winter warms oneself, close the valve that takes soft water case, open G2 water pump, undertake the backwater that warm oneself heating to heat exchanger F1, temperature by lukewarm accuse valve J2 to undertake controlling, return the backwater pipeline that warm oneself to go up again next.

Air compressor is current a kind of uses generally power plant on the market, need to undertake be transforminged appropriately only, can provide the heat source with higher grade, use at boiler to wait into heat addition of hot water of water warm-up, life, air conditioning. In make sure heat reclaims efficiency is the biggest change while, it is normal to also make the oily lukewarm control of equipment is in reasonable range, those who ensured equipment is normal move, won’t produce any negative effects to pneumatics machine.

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