If cannot reduce level of specific power consumption apparently, current natural resources and environment cannot bear possibly. Because the energy-saving ” that decrease a platoon is in this “ ,“ was given out on two meetings ” most ictus; End from which place, reach an industry from the government already will energy-saving the schedule with decrease a platoon to bring into important.

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1, introductive

In last few years, produce large-scale mist haze continuously inside countrywide limits, pollution is serious, chairman of be used to is in when inspecting personally bother about. Serious environmental pollution grows way to the economy before us even economic structure raised doubt, if cannot reduce level of specific power consumption apparently, current natural resources and environment cannot bear possibly. Because the energy-saving ” that decrease a platoon is in this “ ,“ was given out on two meetings ” most ictus; End from which place, reach an industry from the government already will energy-saving the schedule with decrease a platoon to bring into important.

Energy-saving decreasing a platoon is benefit country the important matter of benefit civilian, to industry not be dispensable absolutely. If the yield of industrial business can approach saturation, and central exert oneself supports tertiary industy, so in live below the situation with tight with each passing day resource, the metropolis in every traditional industry has quite proportional enterprise to be able to topple, the company that leave is the company that holds cost dominant position in contend certainly. And energy-saving the cost that matters to an enterprise, affect profit and loss to balance a dot then, cause qualitative change by quantitative change, it may arrive to whether can live with respect to meeting influence. The certain industry with low interest rate of this tall to specific power consumption, wool particularly apparent.

User enterprise should against a rainy day, will reduce cost through energy-saving job, raise wool interest rate, reduce a burden. Energy-saving it is one of direct approaches that reduce manufacturing cost not only, and it is a when motivation and market competition ability are born inside promotion business important way.

2, reduce air system energy-saving plan

2.1 ferment craft is improved reach group control

Ferment craft is the core technology of pharmacy business, use what centrifugal pneumatics opportunity generates large flow to compress air commonly, to ferment coal tub supplies air, satisfy requirement of barmy having oxygen.

Some pharmacy business expands as development, ferment the amount of coal tub increases to by 19 original 24 of present, centrifugal pneumatics machine horary power consumption is big, last 24 hours everyday cost of movement, specific power consumption is very high, hold enterprise charge of electricity near 60% . Improve through lasting, ferment specific power consumption has dropped at present 30% the left and right sides, created many pure profit for the enterprise.

The main method that improves among them is: Ferment according to what differ breed, last to fermenting craft undertakes monitoring, contented barmy is optimal craft requirement, intelligent adjustment undertakes on this foundation, make discharge of air feed pressure, air feed apropos contented and optimal condition, rise ferment efficiency, raise yield, realize increase production for the enterprise, add close, cut down expense. This skill stress uses body of a group of planes of supervisory system, pneumatics to control a system, make more accurate, gas uses craft requirement efficiency is taller, undertake persistent improvement to craft below the assistance of supervisory system.

The 2.2 beginnings that initiate rotate speed of freedom of centrifugal pneumatics machine to adjust

The adjustment of machine of 2.2.1 centrifugal pneumatics means

Centrifugal compressor is had run smooth, discharge efficiency of big, design is more advanced advantage, but also existing discharge adjustment is relatively complex, incidental asthma brace up defect.

The means of 3 kinds of discharge adjustment with centrifugal commonly used compressor is:

(1) adjust rotate speed. Through adjusting rotate speed, make the characteristic curve of centrifugal compressor presents parallel shift, different flow is had under different rotate speed – pressure is characteristic, if pursue 1.

See from inside the graph, drop as rotate speed, corresponding discharge and pressure show now to fall, and the curve is mutual and parallel, this is ” of “ similar principle. Use rotate speed to drop undertake modulatory, can realize the following characteristics:

A. Do not introduce obstruction loss. Pass rotate speed reduce, impeller acting presents nature to drop, discharge and output pressure present downtrend, do not need to introduce instruction segment, can undertake modulatory to discharge. Because do not have instruction segment, won’t because of obstruction loss energy.

B. The loss in reducing a process is reduced somewhat. Pass rotate speed reduce, impeller and airy move relatively speed slow down, the loss such as attrition has downtrend. Body compresses a process to produce quantity of heat mediumly to drop now, loss is reduced can save the power comsumption when compressing.

Adjust a kind of rotate speed is centrifugal compressor effective adjustment means, because do not cause obstruction loss, reduce the effect that reduces loss, be most the adjustment of province result means, use in vapour turbine compressor extensive, have a lot of application to carry out. Accordingly, energy-saving system should preferential choose adjust the means of rotate speed. But, pull the centrifugal compressor that use to electric machinery, its rotate speed is secured basically, use simple way very hard to undertake timing, normally frequency control causes compressor happening easily to breathe heavily again brace up, accordingly, should choose advanced, mature technology undertakes corresponding rotate speed adjusts, this plan will undertake the key is narrated.

(2) adjustable valve. Adjustable valve is centrifugal compressor a kind of simple adjustment means. Pass the adjustment to valve, degree reduce, in valve two side form pressure difference, effective output of the system pressure reduces, aeriform flow suffers be restricted, make thereby discharge decreases, the system moves on wants balance place.

Valve cent is the valve that take energy of life and drain tap, have distinct effect respectively:

A. Take the block up effect of gas a powerful person, reduced real inlet pressure, formed certain vacuum to spend, entered gas becomes relatively rare, make discharge drops. In the meantime, a powerful person that take energy of life also can raise inlet temperature.

B. The block up action of exhaust valve, rose to output pressure actually, make compressor increases to pressure, the working point that discharge reduces is floating, limitted flow.

On put together, the action of valve is wraparound rise even if, through introducing obstruction of going from place to place, make discharge is reduced, satisfy the requirement of craft thereby, can cause the loss of energy.

If the energy loss of valve pursues 2.

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After gas has shed valve, because valve is not a standard-sized sheet, put in obstruction, pressure drops by P1 P2, formed pressure to differ △ P, losing power is:

W= △ PF=(P1-P2)F

Because pressure needs the energy loss that cause, integral function can be reduced, the efficiency of compressor, capacity drops jointly with the pace.

(3) adjust guide vane. One kind guide vane adjustment is centrifugal compressor adjusts means, it is to pass revulsive gas to flow along the diversion blade that has inclination, make gas comes back beforehand, reduce thereby gas and rotate the relative speed between impeller, acting decreases, compress degree to reduce, discharge decreases. The effect of guide vane adjustment and energy loss interpose adjust with butterfly a powerful person at speed adjustment between.

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The place on put together is narrated, the core method of this plan is, use more advantageous “ to adjust rotate speed ” replaces ” of “ adjustable valve, from adjust undertake improvement on the method, avoid the energy loss of valve, drop aeriform temperature at the same time, implementation is energy-saving. And, fall the bring down also can conduce to compressing power comsumption while microtherm is spent, accordingly, energy-saving effect occurrence overlay, overall and energy-saving effect is better.

Principle of report of division of aircraft of 2.2.2 centrifugal pneumatics

Above introduced centrifugal compressor first-rate adjustment means is rotate speed adjustment, this plan adjusts around rotate speed namely and spread out. In moving process, to centrifugal pneumatics machine the process of rotate speed adjustment depends on, according to a series of variable real time sampling of aeriform compressor, calculate a best job status along with chronometer; This plan give attention to two or morethings gas is supplied, the sources of energy is used up wait for a respect, came true best and energy-saving. The estimation that carries best job state has energy-saving control to it, be similar to an indefatigable aeriform compressor expert undertaking to aeriform compressor real time is diagnosed all the time. Accomplish as far as possible when adjust best, decrease as far as possible repeat adjust, make get those who enrage body compressor to exert oneself for most steady state, achieve a design the biggest efficiency moves, energy-saving effect is distinct.

To compressor of centrifugal type gas, energy-saving main measure depends on:

(1) the problem that avoids gas to put sky and side road;

(2) of discharge and pressure optimal match, dot of contented the biggest efficiency moves;

(3) first-rate controls a method, make move below best condition and avoid to breathe heavily brace up possibility.

In actual application, adopted control method introduces as follows roughly: Through moving actually, undertake assessment to current discharge requirement, measure yield actually speed. According to both difference, the rate with baric and fluctuant computation, the current that appraise lifts baricly and reduces beforehand again, foretell to change future atmospheric pressure. According to this change trend, undertake to pneumatics machine ahead of schedule progressively, slow adjustment, can assure baric stability already so, can assure the moving stability of pneumatics machine again.

It runs parameter through measuring, undertake modal analysis all right to the carry of centrifugal compressor, become parameter standardization the form of systematic level. Back-to-back, wait for parameter according to providing net atmospheric pressure and flow, undertake the biggest efficiency estimates a system, undertake estimating to the biggest efficiency of current and centrifugal compressor, can apply at valve to leave degree the biggest, compress produce the moving condition with least heat to fall. The make a present of before be being passed is controlled, undertake shifting to an earlier date to partial parameter observation, calculate one case with the biggest efficiency, form reasonable control instruction. Purpose of pilot of make a present of depends on before, the system that prevents those who compress gas to answer lag sex to bring fluctuates often. Final, union prevents to breathe heavily brace up special algorithm (the invention is patent) , form rotate speed instruction, direct rotate speed to control a system from this, realize reasonable rotate speed to adjust, the abidance that assures centrifugal compressor is efficient move.

2.2.3 technologies advantage

King of report of division of centrifugal pneumatics aircraft is aimed at times division appearance technically centrifugal compressor, have multinomial country patent and software copyright, if express,list 1.

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These patent technologies, it is appearance of Beijing times division production factory of science and technology of new energy resources is in before in energy-saving practice of several years, the course experiments for many times and analyse the technical gain that improve and scores, have special typical case, successful applied case, have promotion value extremely.

In process of research and development, combined the application of space technology, the expert that introduces confluence of ” of big data of ” of “ artificial intelligence and “ controls a system, reflected academic knowledge of the technologist and spot experience. The course moves actually, the effect is distinct.

The distinction of king of report of division of aircraft of 2.2.4 centrifugal pneumatics and frequency conversion

Industry once accepted and centrifugal compressor cannot use frequency conversion adjustment, because,this is, frequency conversion adjustment is to use feedback control, adjust ceaselessly according to changing baricly rotate speed. Because use tolerance to change ceaselessly, cause compressor rotate speed to change ceaselessly, and present a natural oscillation, wide cut is fluctuant. To centrifugal gas compressor, adjust often of frequency conversion achieve asthma easily brace up line and cause asthma brace up possibility. In the meantime, the efficiency when compressor rotate speed fluctuates ceaselessly is low also, energy-saving effect is not ideal.

This energy-saving system drew lessons from the frequency conversion adjustment to electric machinery rotate speed function, control the special demand of machine according to centrifugal sky, undertook be improvemented technically to frequency conversion technology, upgrade, belong to tailor-made equipment, unlike general high-pressured frequency conversion. Commanding systematic respect, basically improved the computational mode of frequency, on the foundation that studied centrifugal compressor feature, the patent technology of innovation, make centrifugal compressor was far from asthma when gearshift brace up line, avoided to breathe heavily brace up. In the meantime, more stable rotate speed also improved the efficiency of centrifugal compressor.

Graph 4 run a picture for software monitoring system.

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Connect those who pass energy-saving work to begin, make the power comsumption of the centrifugal compressor of —— of dynamical lead plane of the enterprise drops significantly, improved the moving efficiency of enterprise whole, had positive effect to improving the service advantage of the enterprise.

Case of company of 2.3 some pharmacy

This factory shares 3 pneumatics machine, use two equipment, if the basic parameter that its run is expressed 2.

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From the point of data, machine of these 3 pneumatics is belonged to 1 with 2 equipment, only normally 1 moves. From the point of to load scale, to load rate is 57% , when to load, inspect 125kW is in power, power of have rendered great service makes an appointment with 112kW, be in full load condition; When uninstalling, solid carry power to still achieve 52.6kW, the loss of have rendered great service when its uninstall estimation is 31.6kW about, visible loss is bigger.

Above improves an aspect under existence of 3 pneumatics plane:

(1) pneumatics machine efficiency is inferior, need change reduces kind, improve efficiency.

(2) the sky with serious existence carries power comsumption.

Need undertakes improvement to the operating conditions of pneumatics machine, achieve air feed thereby enough, specific power consumption drops, the end that holds power comsumption to disappear for nothing.

Energy-saving transform content (watch 3)

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Construction cycle: The production of equipment makes: 10 days, installation debugs 1 day.

Energy-saving transform the effect:

(1) section report (express 4)

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(2) reduce pneumatics engine oil lukewarm: Drop about 20 degrees.

(3) those who reduce pneumatics chance uphold charge, prolong empty press service life.

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