Often encounter air compressor to run in our routine oily problem, besides problem of quality of oily cent itself, what reason still can be brought about run oily? Engineers give a few kinds of meetings to bring about in the summary in practice run oily reason. All sorts of breakdown of air compressor, often do not appear suddenly, have however adumbrate certainly, appear with all sorts of different elephants sometimes, the digital numerical value that goes up with appearance instrument sometimes appears. Before we appear with breakdown of compressor of of all kinds air today all sorts of adumbrating to discuss an object, sentence equipment malfunction and maintenance to provide reference beforehand ahead of schedule for user of broad air compressor.

1, design of canister of oil gas depart is non-standard

Have firm of partial air compressor, when designing canister of oil gas depart, design of primary and separate system is unreasonable, primary and detached effect is not ideal, the oil before making advance oily cent spends content mistily very tall, oily cent bear is overweight, processing capability is insufficient, cause oily cost exorbitant. Bought such product, operation technology does not have method very much again!

2, cheer overmuch

Cheer a quantity to exceed normal oil level, partial engine oil follows air current to take away, bring about bad news oil to had been measured big. This simple reason, some people are careless carelessly.

3, with tolerance big, excess load low pressure is used

Bear low pressure is used is when showing the user uses air compressor, exhaust pressure did not achieve the nominal working pressure of air compressor itself, but the requirement using gas of user of main can contented certain business, for example: Enterprise user increased to use gas device, increase with tolerance, make of air compressor capacity and user cannot achieve a balance with tolerance, hypothesis air compressor is rated a ㎡ of baric force 8kg/c, but the pressure when be being used actually 5kg/c ㎡ is only lower even, such air compressor are in bear for a long time to run state, the rated pressure that cannot reach a machine is worth, bring about capacity of bad news oil to increase, its reason is to be below the condition with changeless capacity, oil gas mixture is accelerated through oily time-sharing velocity of flow, oily mist chroma is exorbitant, make oil divides bear accentuation, bring about bad news oil finally the amount is large.

4, the pipeline that answer oil jams

Should wind vitta way (the one-way a powerful person or family that includes to answer vitta to go up reachs the mesh that answer oil) when the eyewinker jams, the agglomeration after depart divides bottom engine oil to cannot return nose in oil, already agglomerate oil drop is blown by air current again, be taken away together as the air after depart. These eyewinkers are by the solid that drops when installation foreign matter is caused normally.

5, answer attaint of oily one-way a powerful person

If answer oily one-way a powerful person to damage (by one-way become two-way connect) , stop the oil after machine to divide coal tub internal pressure to be met will much engine oil answers ministry of oily one’s duty through answering vitta, next time when the machine moves, the engine oil of ministry of oily one’s duty will not suck a nose in time, the engine oil that causes a share runs to air compressor as the air after depart outside (this kind of circumstance is common at not the machine) that shut-off valve of device oil path and nose exhaust export one-way a powerful person.

6, answer vitta installation is improper

Changing, clean, when maintaining air compressor, answer vitta to did not insert oil to divide bottom (referenced: 1~2mm of heart of arc of bottom of the cent that be apart from oil is better) , the engine oil that brings about depart to come out cannot return nose in time, accumulative engine oil is met as compress air to run out together.

7, breakdown of valve of the least pressure

If the sealed place of valve of the least pressure has,valve of the least pressure shifts to an earlier date open (because each manufacturer designs open pressure to have each,differ, normally limits is between 3.5~5.5kg/c ㎡) , so the machine builds time of pressure of oil gas canister to be able to grow in moving initial stage, the aeriform oil that is in low-pressure condition right now is spent mistily tall, pass oily time-sharing velocity of flow fast, oily cent bear is aggravating, detached effect is reduced, bring about bad news oil the amount is large.

1, unusual noise, unusual shake

  ·Normal sound is not in what appear in locomotive process, it is the ” of “ warning apparatus of equipment malfunction.

   ·The vibration in locomotive process is acuteness.

The reason of air compressor abnormal knocking may have:

   ·Lead plane bearing wears away, runner shaft; of attaint of rotor of lopsided, yin and yang

  ·Lead plane moving negative charge is too big, hold back pressing or tubal net pressure are lopsided;

  ·Bolt, nut, spacer and fixed bracket shake;

  ·Equipment interior falls into; of sundry, eyewinker

  ·Possible also because shrink as empty atmospheric pressure,airplane unit run time is close to overhaul period.

Right now screw axial and radial change momentum gradually hasten is entered allow a value at the biggest design, this change can bring about screw and screw between, the clearance between screw and lead plane housing and around end panel produces bigger change, cause thereby attrition, vibration and all sorts of noise.

2, run risk a leakage

  ·The occurrence leakage; such as the lube of equipment

  ·Compress the occurrence leakage phenomenon such as air, can hear flat sound; apparently sometimes

  ·The leakage such as circular cooling water.

Appear run risk a leakage, main reason depends on equipment and fittings ageing or do not safeguard reach the designated position, especially the bad behavior of employee or not careful operation cause.

And these seeing seem petty question, can cause very serious consequence however, after although these consequence are,be being concealed at all sorts of idea.

It is in order to compress air exemple, leak can waste high electric power the sources of energy directly not only, create burden of charge of electricity, bring about systematic pressing possibly still to fall, make the functional loss of efficiency of pneumatic equipment, shorten equipment life. Meanwhile, because air leak can bring about equipment the loop is more frequent, increase the run time of air air compressor thereby, this brings about the blame that additional maintenance asks and increases possibly to plan to stop machine cycle.

Say simply even if compressed air leak to increase needless sky to enrage compressor capacity.

Leak, plus the systematic actuating pressure that prep above asks this common problem can bring about ” of false demand of so called “ , let air compressor is in to load condition all the time and be too busy to rest.

All these metropolises produce adverse effect to manufacturing efficiency, shorten the service life of equipment of almost all system and pneumatic tool. Redundant the sources of energy makes in order to is reached reduce equipment life, this runs namely the double blow that risks a leakage to be brought to shop owner, must try to take seriously.

3, special odour

  ·When crock of electromotor overheat, lube change burns, can send out give a kind of special taste.

   ·The meeting when the insulating material burn down such as the circuit short circuit, lead that take iron has anxious burnt taste.

   ·The material such as balata is given out burn scorching.

According to media coverage, on May 25, 2017, old change city can become science and technology (Su Qian) production factory workshop sends episode of angry body leak, more than 80 employee is in inspiratory after some kind of gas, the body is unwell hospitalization.

Via old change city area of garden of Su Sugong course of study is in charge of later appoint investigation, this the accident is to be able to become bearing of screw of compressor of air of workshop of A6 of company of science and technology to wear away the cause of second make trouble that mechanical failure causes the air compressor that cause. Be in charge of according to this garden area appoint can introduce, accident reason is by motivation air compressor produces bearing hold in the arms dead with screw, because attrition produces a large number of heat energy, cause splitting decomposition of the lube inside screw crock to produce young member hydrocarbon kind material, contain additive to decompose the compound such as the sulfur of generation, phosphor, form excitant gas, enter workbench through reducing pipeline system, send out inside the workshop, cause operation personnel to appear unwell reaction.

Special odour causes this air compressor accident of much person be in hospital, although smell in the worker,had malfunctioned when odour, but we can carry special scent, fast lock decides breakdown reason and position, also be broad user to ring noisy alarm bell when phenomenon of air compressor occurrence peculiar smell.

Brief summary

Of air compressor breakdown appear, often not be abrupt appear, have however adumbrate certainly, appear with all sorts of different elephants sometimes, the digital numerical value that goes up with appearance instrument sometimes appears.

So we must adumbrate to all sorts of breakdown raise vigilance, the help operates personnel and maintenance technician as soon as possible to discover accident sign, nip in the bud.

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