According to not complete count, electric energy of compressor air system uses up the 10%—30% that occupies an enterprise to use phone, compress the 96% wastes for compressor electric energy of air system specific power consumption.

Great majority compressor carries low, equipment moving parameter installs efficiency of the existence in travel not ideal, equipment does not match, tubal net controls damage unscientific, system divulges big, inchoate type selecting, factitious demand, incorrect use and the system of impropriety is controlled.

Compress the low cost strategy of air system to answer preferential from energy-saving fall bad news begins. Pneumatics engine system is being purchased with much labor power, material resources should be used up in using, these include personnel expenses, purchase installation to cost, motivation is used up and maintain maintain cost. So initiative cast because how should plan reasonably to because how should plan reasonably,build pneumatics system type selecting just is energy-saving fall bad news?

The unreasonable phenomenon with pneumatics engine common system

The choose and buy of pneumatics machine

When · is purchased, consider the machine is low-cost only, when using, discover quality is too poor, movement is not steady, breakdown machine down time is long, cause product line to stop engine loss thereby;

Locomotive stability considers only when · is purchased, ignored specific value of specific power consumption, accumulate over a long period creates enormous waste;

The after service character of the supplier was ignored when · is purchased, corrective maintenance cannot show up in time, spare parts purchases inconvenience to wait, all cause needless loss.

Systematic program

Size of · pneumatics machine is too large, cause pneumatics machine sky to carry energy waste is tall;

· filter installation is overmuch, control damage big, energy waste is tall;

· pneumatics machine is not to center air feed, configure dispersedly however in entire plant each district, cop is independent, increase equipment to purchase cost already, also increased;

· cop cost and move uphold charge;

Temperature of environment of · pneumatics computer room is exorbitant, was equivalent to reducing pneumatics machine efficiency, capacity decreases, specific power consumption increases; Environmental temperature every are elevatory 10°C, be equivalent to empty press loss of efficiency about 3% . Cop is decorated unreasonable, bend connect is overmuch, increase pressure loss.

Systematic control and management

Outlet pressure of · empty press is worth set on the high side, cause energy to use up increase, form waste. Every increase pressure 1 Kg/cm2, energy is used up increase about 7% ;

Machine of pneumatics of · much stage is made at the same time add uninstall a movement or make a look move at the same time (the part is laden) movement, increase energy waste;

· machine stage maintains not good at or expire not to maintain, indisposition accumulates big trouble, machine life shortens artificially;

Environment of · computer room is too dirty, segregator of oil gas of the filter that creates pneumatics opportunity, oily filter and cooling oil change frequent;

The accurate filter of · cop changes not in time, cause pressure damage is too big, energy is wasteful and serious;

· cop is flat and serious and do not know, be not worth empty tolerance with buying pneumatics machine newly to complement, create waste. With be in 7 Kg/cm2g, 10mm aperture leak is calculated, assume RMB of charge of electricity 1 yuan / degree, will waste the charge of electricity of 320 thousand RMB 8000 hours a year.

Pneumatics system emphasizes a point energy-savingly

1, law of pneumatics system LCC811

Cost of LCC(complete lifecycle, life Cycle Cost, abbreviation LCC) , also be called charge of whole life cycle. Among them 80% for cost of charge of electricity, 10% for cost of care and maintenance, 10% to purchase cost. So the side key of pneumatics system is in the cost of charge of electricity of 80% .

2, the seed profit management of pneumatics system

Those who point to is to be in necessary when the compression that produces necessary amount, necessary pressure, requisite quality air.

3, the key with pneumatics energy-saving machine

Is type selecting of 3.1 pneumatics system reasonable? It is the plan that devises by the designing institute direct invite public bidding, or the basis uses tolerance, with the baric force, character that use gas, be restricted to match type with invite public bidding of LCC cost lowest?

Cloud of net of couplet of the content on 3.2 pneumatics system makes the same score the necessity of the stage

Pneumatics system is energy-saving be not is original type selecting only, energy-saving it is a persistent process, manage even if provide data, according to the data of cloud platform real time is collected reach an analysis, according to pressure, with the fluctuant rule of tolerance, by professional engineer real time adjusts the moving parameter of equipment and rule.

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