Compress air to have the use of many sided, can consult the following content.

Compress air:

One jet power


QiAir Compressor

1. Blow the object

⑴ gush blows:

Lacquer —— metal, furniture, car, carpentry

Agriculture of gush medicine —— , medicine

Snow of sparge —— agriculture, carpentry, man-made, clean

Nicety of gush lube —— is mechanical

Machining of —— of gush clear lotion, clean

⑵ dusting:

Civil engineering of gush plaster ——

Metal of —— of finishing of gush arenaceous —— , carpentry, fiber

Civil engineering of —— of sprinkling irrigation oar, building

Ink jet —— pressworks, take a picture

Industry of glass of vitreous treatment —— , decorate

2. Make the object moves

⑴ pump:

Dentistry bore

Concrete of treatment of metal of —— of muller of pneumatic tool, pneumatic, pressurization

⑵ sweeps:

Ban gold

Exceed machining of —— of high speed machine tool

Manufacturer of die —— die

Sweep, cutting, each industry

Pneumatic compressor, air hammer, metal is machined

Pare earth of cliff machine —— is built, stone material

Pile —— is built

2 expansibility


QiAir Compressor

1. Motivation

Oscillator —— earth is built, hop-pocket dust catcher, pneumatic is carried, medicines and chemical reagents, food and dust

2. Expansibility

Car of spot welding —— , metal is machined

Enrage brake —— car, building

Compressor of air cushion —— is shock-proof —— metal, fiber

Vehicle repair of promotion machine —— , goods is deferent

Treatment of compression —— metal, workshop is built

Pressure is deferent treatment of —— oil base, food, beer, food (wine kind, beverage, milk)

3 liquid agitate, mobile


QiAir Compressor

Agitate —— water treatment, ferment

Pneumatic promotes pump

Remove the gas in the liquid

Reservoir prevent frostbite

Burner —— bent housing, steely

4 additional oxygen


QiAir Compressor

Raise fish farm

Diver, sumbersible pump, collier

Of 5 heat deliver


QiAir Compressor

Prevent the overheat when the metal is machined

Manufacturer of electrical wiring of —— of electrical wiring refrigeration

The felt —— of vinyl, nylon uses the trade of automatic packer

6 dehumidify


QiAir Compressor

Industry of electron of clean room —— , hospital, food

The electron is industrial of the room dry

Carry trade of humidity —— storehouse

Gas is measured small

7 discharge change


QiAir Compressor

Heat, cooling

Automation unit

Because be opposite,compress the extensive development of air use it is thus clear that, use reduce airy trade increasing, this gives promote air compressor to bring very large market space, offer applicable compressor and compressor knowledge to make this field to the user at the same time the responsibility of every sale personnel and obligation, it will make user and we from which benefit.

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