Of centrifugal compressor good and lubricant the safety of the machine, reliable to safeguard use reach long cycle to move, have very important sense. Affect centrifugal compressor the character of the structure that the main factor of lubricant effect has lubricant system, fuel delivery, lubricant means and lube.

The main effect with 01 centrifugal lubricant compressor

1) the lube film that forms stability between the attrition surface of opposite motion, in order to keep apart the direct contact of attrition surface, decrease thereby wear away, reduce friction work cost, prolong the service life of attrition component.

2) diaphragm is formed in metallic surface with physisorption or chemical and adsorptive means, prevent attrition surface to send rusty corrode.

3) take away generation with means of lubricating fluid systematic circulation the majority quantity of heat at attrition surface, have the effect of cooling attrition surface thereby.

4) taking away through lubricant flow the contamination that is added at spare parts surface and wear away of generation worry bit, achieve the result of clean attrition surface.

5) sealed the working volume that reduces gas.

The lubricant system of 02 centrifugal compressor is comprised

Stable lube film is formed between sliding bearing and surface of main shaft neck to ensure, general and centrifugal compressor uses compulsive pressure oil to lubricate circularly means. Its are lubricant the system is main by lube box, advocate the composition such as oil pump, auxiliary oil pump, oily condenser, oily filter, exalted gasoline tank, valve and pipeline. When regular job, the lube in gasoline tank passes pump inspiratory filter, by lube pump pressurization, again classics oily condenser, oily filter, control valve, the lubricating oil that offers cleanness is used for the system, in satisfying compressor group, each chafe deputy lubricant reach the need with working sealed cubage.

Compositive compressor is lubricant following plan institute show systematic diagram.

QiAir Compressor

Graph 1 compressor is lubricant systematic diagram

1) lube box

Lube box is lube supply, reclaim, the equipment that sedimentation and stores. Its interior sets heating apparatus, before in order to drives, undertake heating warming up to lube, temperature of the lube when making sure aircrew is started raises the range to 35~45 ℃ , start the need that move in order to satisfy aircrew. The air suction opening of the mouth that answer oil and oil pump is set in gasoline tank commonly two side, set among filter fender, the lube that makes shed oil sump tank has sedimentation the time that foreign matter and gas release, assure the character of lube thereby. Gasoline tank sidewall sets fluid indicator, in order to monitors the change of oil level lubricates inside gasoline tank.

2) lube pump

The lubricant oil pump of centrifugal compressor all is configured commonly advocate, complementary two, advocate oil pump moves, auxiliary oil pump reserves. When advocate oil pump or oil path system malfunction, make systematic oil pressure is reduced when be worth to fixed number, auxiliary oil pump starts investment automatically to move, for aircrew each lubricate the dot offers right amount lubricating oil. What match oil pump discharge to be 200~350L/min commonly, outlet pressure should not be less than 0.5MPa, lube classics decompression, enter bearing with the pressure of 0.08~0.15MPa.

3) oily condenser

Return the lube temperature of gasoline tank to lift somewhat normally, before the loop enters lubricant place, such lube must pass refrigeration afresh. Oily condenser is used at undertaking cooling to giving the lube after oil pump, the oil that enters lubricant place in order to control is lukewarm. It is to maintain the temperature that offer oil from beginning to end inside 35~45 ℃ limits, oily condenser configures two commonly, one is used, another reserves, when necessary but switch is used; Cool in the effect is not returned when beautiful but two are used at the same time.

4) oily filter

Lube filter holds the export at pump, be used at receiving compressor lubricating oil filter, in order to prevent ab extra or the contaminant of the generation in the machine enters a system, it is the significant step that assures lube quality. Move to assure the safety of aircrew, filter all configures two, run, reserve.

5) exalted gasoline tank

Exalted gasoline tank is establishment of a kind of protection, when advocate, when auxiliary oil pump is interrupted for oil, the lube edge vitta of exalted gasoline tank relies on gravitational action to enter each lubricant place, in order to maintain the lubricant need that aircrew indolent takes a course. The oil storage quantity of exalted gasoline tank should keep the time offerring oil of 5min at least.

When aircrew moves normally, lube is entered by bottom of exalted gasoline tank, by coping or in eduction of upside overflow mouth returns gasoline tank directly. When advocate, when auxiliary oil pump malfunctions, the lube edge oil inlet pipe in exalted gasoline tank road, stream via lubricating each the dot returns gasoline tank, ensure aircrew takes the to lube need in the process in indolent, in order to make sure aircrew safety jockeys. Exalted gasoline tank is decorated commonly in be apart from aircrew axes line to not be less than the upper part with tall 5m, exalted gasoline tank answer to the vitta of road of oil inlet pipe length the shortest, bend is least, the resistance when ground of utmost of in an attempt to assures to flow to lubricant dot from exalted gasoline tank is the least. Ventilator is set in coping of exalted gasoline tank, when can making sure lube flows into lubricant place from inside gasoline tank, the cubage of gasoline tank can have complement by the air with inspiratory respirator, lest negative pressure is formed in gasoline tank, influence lube pours out of exalted gasoline tank. Nod to ensure the lube of exalted gasoline tank can flow into each to lubricate only, in oil pump exit comes to have check valve into the manager line jacket before machine. When advocate, the check valve when auxiliary oil pump is interrupted for oil closes dead instantly, make the lube of exalted gasoline tank can flow to each only lubricant dot.

In addition, the function of lube affects centrifugal compressor safety, reliable, long periodic ground to move directly. If lube chooses undeserved or use undeserved, affect not only lubricant with sealed efficiency, still can cause equipment accident. Accordingly, must reach the requirement of pair of lube performance characteristics strictly according to the specific operating mode of compressor, correct, choose lube reasonably.

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