Why should install gas tank?

Need not pneumatics machine match gas tank? A lot of people had had such doubt, so the place that why installed pneumatics machine can see gas tank certainly? We understand the concern of pneumatics machine and gas tank today.

Pneumatics machine does not deserve gas tank is in theoretic also can come true, but do not deserve gas tank can cause pneumatics engine one stops, stopped what leave again to relapse to load, uninstall, weighed the moving burden of pneumatics machine substantially greatly, create waste of serious specific power consumption.

Accordingly, pneumatics machine does not deserve the means of gas tank is to won’t be used in actual application. Of pneumatics machine moving have rated pressure, use gas tank stores compress air, when the pressure when gas tank is less than pneumatics plane specified number to decide pressure, pneumatics machine just can continue to work, the frequent to load that prevents pneumatics engine effectively uninstalls a problem.


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Pneumatics machine provides the function that installs gas tank is:

1, machine of amortize, stable pneumatics outputs compress air, what eliminate or reduce pneumatics machine to output air current pressure is pulsatile, lengthen pneumatics machine “ to start the total cycle time that — stops ” or — of “ to load uninstalls ” , reduce the switch frequency of electric equipment valve; Prevent pneumatics machine to stop during machine, because some kind of reason returns gas,compress air conduit, flow backward pneumatics machine is medium and the trouble that cause and attaint.

2, what because gas tank is one has bedding face originally,accumulate is cylindrical radiator, enter gas to flow in coal tub inward turning, reach add a wall, can drop in temperature to compressing air to remove refrigeration, impurity of separate out moisture, dirt descends at the precipitation end gas tank, more be helpful for be being divided except water corrupt.

3, can provide form a complete set at pneumatics machine follow-up: The equipment such as drier of aftercooler, refrigerant type, inhaler, on compositive industry production purify reduce source of air motive force (station) use.

4, machine of small small-sized pneumatics, the gas tank that heads oneself still uses the installation pedestal function that holds compressor noumenon and other accessory concurrently.

Because reduce the flow that air system extreme uses (with tolerance) cannot be to wait for a quantity to be outputted smoothly, it is certain to should use gas tank to store so the gas of the quantity, stabilize systematic pressure evenly. To gas tank before, what can reduce pneumatics chance is pulsatile, the frequent to load that prevents pneumatics engine and uninstall. To gas tank hind, can decrease those who reduce air output is pulsatile, because gentle solution does not follow to go up with throughput temporarily the systematic pressure that cause falls, the adjustment of greater peak value outputs pressure with what stabilize a system.

The place on put together is narrated, so air compresses confidential form a complete set to install [compress air gas tank] .

The main demand that gas tank chooses is:

1, the cubage norms size of gas tank should with pneumatics aircraft capacity (ability yield gas) 10% ~ 20% between will choose, 15% moderate. Should use tolerance when the operating mode with the bigger or very big wave motion that use gas, the cubage of gas tank should be increased appropriately 20% ; Lesser to using tolerance, and when the operating mode with not big wave motion, but under 15% ; But not under 10% .

2, the compression that installs in form a complete set in air system, after gas tank installs the aftercooler in pneumatics machine commonly. Can avoid oily vapour and liquid state water so inside coal tub gather, reduce safe hidden trouble and the working result that improve facility of gas source other; The air temperature inside intromit memory canister is inferior also can narrow noumenal cubage.

3, in equipment of installation of form a complete set, majority circumstance gas tank is installed before freeze-dry machine, so that use gas tank to provide some dropping in temperature to remove water and stabilized voltage effect, make the bear of drier is able to reduce, air pressure is stabler, this is very advantageous to desiccator moves and be being used.

4, in the equipment that installs in form a complete set, director path filter is installed after gas tank. Can make gas tank cools first so drop in temperature separate out and take out compress the bilge such as impurity of the more moisture in air, oil gas, dirt, the inhaler of reentrance, make its move with service life very advantageous.

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