What this article basically tells about is air temperature and oil lukewarm exorbitant or too low the influence to air compressor, cent piece will introduce, there is He Ying to air compressor below air temperature and oily lukewarm exorbitant circumstance noisy, air temperature and oil are lukewarm too low when to air compressor He Ying rings.

To air compressor has He Ying to ring below air temperature and oily lukewarm exorbitant circumstance:

(Temperature of 1) inspiratory gas is exorbitant, can reduce capacity.

(2) compresses the air temperature in the process exorbitant, can increase power comsumption, reduce productivity.

(Temperature of 3) air cylinder is exorbitant, the lube knot that can make gas a powerful person and piston annulus medium is anxious, lose lubricant action, if touching scintilla, have explosive risk.

Air cylinder temperature is exorbitant, make piston annulus amiable the parts job such as a powerful person, filling is bad, increase wear away, sealed and undesirable.

(4) temperature is exorbitant, can burned-out bearing, plain bearing liner, make compressor cannot run even.

(5) parts overheat, can reduce mechanical intensity, be out of shape even.

(6) oil is lukewarm exorbitant, the viscosity of oil of meeting bring down and reduce oil pressure, affect lubricant result.

(7) cooling water is warm exorbitant, can reduce cooling effect.

(Temperature of 8) electromotor, internal-combustion engine can have the risk of burn down high too.

Air temperature and oil are lukewarm too low when to air compressor He Ying rings:

(Temperature of 1) cooling water is too low, can affect the loop of cooling water, under 0 ℃ , can freeze aspic to crack a machine.

(2) lube temperature is too low, internal-combustion engine is started not easily etc.

So, it is normal to come we should judge compressor to work from temperature change, control the temperature of each place inside formulary limits, run in order to maintain compressor normally, this is the knowledge that compressor operation personnel should master.

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