The client asks: “ two months do not have my empty press turn on the water, what effect can you have? ”

If turning on the water, can bring about the water content in compressing air to increase, affect aeriform quality, produce an effect to the equipment using gas of back end; Effect of oil gas depart changes segregator of difference, oil gas presses difference to greaten, still can cause works rustily.

How does water produce?

Of the nose when pneumatics mechanic is made internal temperature is very tall, the water portion in inspiratory natural air, vapor can be formed when the moving process of pneumatics machine. And gas tank can give the space that compresses air to offer an amortize and gas storage not only, OK still decompression drops in temperature. When compressing air to carry gas tank, high-speed air current bumps gas tank wall to make its produce converge, make inside gas tank temperature drops quickly, make many vapor gets liquefaction, form condenser water. If catch up with damp weather or winter, still can form more condenser water.

General when catchment?

Adjust with use operating mode according to particular use environment, discharge condenser water to perhaps install automatic water trap regularly. Basically see the contains humidity and pneumatics opportunity outlet temperature of induction air.

Automatic water trap introduces

Automatic water trap is used at removing the condenser water of canister of segregator of conduit small part, grease, gas and the place such as all sorts of filter bottom automatically. Can install the place that has artificial blowdown water at inconvenience, if altitude, small part, stricture is in. Can prevent to artificial catchment is forgotten and be caused compress air to be polluted afresh by condenser water.

Principle of job of automatic water trap

There is < of an air bottle to be equivalent to > of a balloon inside automatic water trap, anhydrous condition, fall in baric action, air bottle stems mouth giving water.

Water is accumulated in water trap, after reaching certain water level, buoyancy is more than air pressure, air bottle rise, outfall is opened, water issues eduction in baric action, at the same time buoyancy is reduced, air bottle drops stem outfall.

The automatic water trap of the electron with physics

Automatic water trap has an electron with physics, the principle of electronic water trap is: Of electromagnetism valve leave and close, can adjust through installing the switch above the time of automatic catchment open and cycle.

Physical water trap, the flotage that relies on the buoy in water trap namely comes open water trap. The fluid face in water trap rises, buoy rises, valve is automatic open.

Electronic type is automatic water trap

Electronic type is automatic catchment a powerful person matchs with clock of electron of analogy circuit solid state and photograph of electromagnetism a powerful person, what implementation compresses air system condenser water is time and automatic discharge. Apply extensively at sifting foot of water of machine of check form, segregator, male dry, gas tank, drop to wait to compress air system part, discharge time and time interval to be able to need to undertake modulatory discharging time and time interval according to differring.

Automatic water trap installs measure

The first pace: The job that should want to do before you begin to install is compress air clean clean in the system, this one situation has been done have very great help to the installation at the back of us.

The 2nd pace: Put oneself in another’s position of a powerful person on the machine should note when you are installed above of arrowhead specific point to, still mouth giving water must not be used do not fight tube of air current percussive to join, do not let you finished the water platoon that after beginning to use period of time, you can discover you not to go out when your installation, should be this tube is broken away from right now.

The 3rd pace: Like noticing you receive the rated voltage that should go up with automatic water trap into the voltage size of automatic water trap, also go probably, but cannot too low also cannot prep above, be less than namely at most was equal to. If you use direct current, the anode that then you receive must get the contact “1” connection that goes up with automatic water trap.

The 4th pace: If be the catchment valve that when leaving factory, has received, that we what we should want to understand is right now the Brown lead on automatic water trap is live wire L, lead is 0 lines N, of olivine double color is GND of ground wire of the connective after needing us to complete installation.

The 5th pace: The long bolt that goes up to prevent wiring box enters water burn down, we must get a long bolt to screw well. To the dot automatic water trap installs little hint here, the power source before installation must is disconnect condition, still have even if compress air to must make sure complete platoon sky belongs to 0 pressure condition to fall in automatic water trap right now namely.

Actually the installation method of automatic water trap is not particularly complex, basically want to understand common sense of a few installation before Yu An is installed, after knowing these little common sense, I believe the installation of automatic water trap is so difficult no longer.

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