Nitrogen compressor has actuating pressure range big, discharge range is wide, control easily, the advantage such as safety in operation, the facility of significant position is being held in steely industry, it is industry in production important one annulus. Problem of nitrogen compressor leakage is a commonner equipment problem, its leakage reason is usually OK end is the following:

(1) medium corrodes the leakage that bring about;

(2) solders sand holes or medium is right of welding line corrode bring about solder place leakage;

(Invalidation of 3) weather strip brings about the occurrence of leakage problem;

(The production blemish of 4) equipment itself, wait like sand holes, crackle;

(The generation in 5) equipment moving process is fierce shake, bring about equipment local crackle or sealed invalidation leakage;

(Movement of 6) excess load brings about the leakage that equipment breakdown brings about;

(7) select material is undeserved the leakage that bring about;

(Care and maintenance is less than 8) a leakage that bring about;

Leakage of compressor of some steely enterprise nitrogen is serious, cause the addition of the waste of a large number of resource and cost not only, and still put in serious safe hidden danger, how to solve leakage problem extremely urgent effectively.

As a result of the characteristic of nitrogen compressor, it is very difficult that traditional repair technology processing rises, measure of processing of traditional rehabilitate technology is for instance trival, need to leave a line even repair and even change, such operation makes its rehabilitate increased a lot of difficulty. And the inadequacy that technology of rehabilitate of material of polymer of rice of accept of carbon of all alone thunder made up for traditional rehabilitate technology to exist greatly: Technology of processing of this rehabilitate technology is simple, facilitating operation, shorten considerably the enterprise administers time. And get angry does not need in online processing process move solder, on the safe side; Repair material has admirable corrosion resistance can, mechanical function, physics function, can solve problem of nitrogen compressor leakage effectively, and material still has superior felt performance, but well adhesion wait for material at all sorts of metals, concrete, glass, plastic, balata.

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