The distinction between machine of odd screw pneumatics and machine of double screw pneumatics can undertake comparative from the following respect:


Radial of odd screw susceptive and axial gas force are OK self-poise, astral teeth of a cogwheel bears aeriform force, requirement star teeth of a cogwheel provides some enough strength and stiffness.

Double screw rotor bears bigger radial and axial gas force, requirement screw has enough strength and stiffness.

Production cost

Odd screw and astral annulus bearing can choose common bearing, production cost is inferior.

As a result of double negative charge of two screw rotor is bigger, the requirement chooses the bearing with taller precision, production cost is higher.


Astral annulus is fragile component, outside dividing pair of astral annulus material to have higher demand, astral annulus still needs to change regularly.

Not fragile, time of failure free operation can amount to 4~8 10 thousand hours.


Below new machine position, the efficiency of odd screw compressor and double screw compressor is basic and identical. Increase as run time, the star of odd screw compressor annulus wear away will bring about tolerance to decrease with loss of efficiency.

Noise and vibration

The noise of odd screw compressor and double screw compressor and vibration are basic and identical.

Machine equipment

Without mature special treatment facilities, the function that causes a product then is not very stable

The screw that already had maturity is special milling machine and grinder, can ensure product performance is steady.

Operate and safeguard

Be operated daily and safeguard of odd screw compressor and double screw compressor basic and identical.


Apply to the circumstance of tall exhaust pressure, if high pressure is empty,air compressor, refrigeration compressor and natural atmospheric pressure shrink machine.

Because can be applied to medium, low-pressure limits only by the compressor of limitative double screw of the respect such as rotor stiffness and bearing bear, if motivation uses air compressor, refrigeration compressor and compressor of low-pressure natural gas to wait, exhaust pressure cannot exceed 4.5MPa commonly.

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