Machine of screw type pneumatics regards a kind of motivation as the sources of energy, to the enterprise production is having main effect. But, in pneumatics machine middling meets locomotive process to cause equipment malfunction because of all sorts of elements to bring inestimable loss to company production. Because this is familiar,master equipment knowledge, normative operation is mainer. Do not make mistake for the operation, in unit process of cargo bandling of the equipment below summary coming below, need watchful item.

(1) cannot deposit all round equipment combustible explode easily article, in the attention answering to run a course in the meantime, do not allow to jam inspiratory mouth

(2) there all is pressure in moving conduit, cannot loosen pipeline snail embolism reachs valve, for example drain valve, blowdown

(3) constant examination lube uses a case, if discover oil measures inadequacy, and oil is lukewarm when rising gradually, should stop machine. Pressure circumstance should be not had in the machine when additional lubricating oil next undertaking.

(4) often should check machine of screw type pneumatics automatic scanty water implement the motion is normal, otherwise water branch is taken in the system.

(5) oil gas bucket every week should blowdown, water second. Aircrew needs to maintain every week to switch on the mobile phone at least 2h above.

(6) it is normal that advertent pressure switch and couplet answer to accuse a program to work in daily moving examination, regular meeting of machine job surprise raises cost can, serious when still can cause electric machinery burn down.

(7) when abnormal knocking and abnormal vibration appearing in machine moving process, need to stop machine platoon to check instantly.

(8) what pneumatics machine use pressure tags on Ying Heming card is consistent such ability assure locomotive efficiency to reduce specific power consumption.

Above is the issue that the attention needs in process of travel of accident of screw type pneumatics, normative operation can improve the moving efficiency of the machine, reduce the happening of breakdown.

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