Pneumatics machine has season of 3 big common “ ill ” needs to notice to defend before —— plum rains water-vapor proof and moistureproof, around of the three ten-day periods of the hot season prevents high temperature, winter prevents frost. As northward weather turn gradually cold, pneumatics machine how peacefully the heat topic that hibernate also became compressor to encircle.

The viscosity that we know lube as temperature reduce can increase, the winter air temperature in north is general and inferior, if pneumatics pilot time stays machine, criterion lube temperature also can drop environmental temperature subsequently, cause unit each lubricant place oily viscosity is taller, the labour terrestrial electricity that adds a little open operation controls opposite on the low side, cause easily opposite difficulty is started when just switching on the mobile phone. How to answer winter to start difficult question, make the point of the platitude in the industry.


1, environmental temperature

If the condition allows, need puts pneumatics machine as far as possible perhaps build tent for pneumatics machine indoors, raise indoor environment temperature through measure of a few heat preservation, can prevent temperature not only so too low, and can improve pneumatics machine to take quality of gas mouth air.

2, the mode of operation of perfect pneumatics machine

Winter needs to open side to build before pneumatics machine is used, observation oil is tasted whether to have change the phenomenon with “ stiff caky perhaps ” , if have, need undertakes heating to lube first reuse. When environmental temperature is too low, first dish aircrew 2-3 circle, the dot moves pneumatics machine 3-4 second, after empty accident turns for some time again to load (this operation needs to look for the staff member that has experience to undertake operating, inspect a circumstance to be adjusted appropriately) .

Winter stops machine hind to must notice to put sky is the water inside all sorts of conduit and air bag, gas, oily. Because winter aircrew works,this is when, temperature is higher, because external temperature is inferior,stop machine hind, the meeting after air is cool has a large number of condenser water to arise, existence is all sorts of control conduit, medium cold implement inside the bag that reach energy of life, it is control easily pipeline, medium cold implement jam, air bag goes up crack bury next hidden trouble, at the same time if water distributes interfuse lubricating oil inside, when temperature is reduced, can bring about the moisture inside lube to freeze, increase switch on the mobile phone the risk of the difficulty that start.


3, reasonable choose, with lube

Of lube choose on, need notices winter and summer cannot choose the lube of identical viscosity, differ big north in wintry Xia Wen especially, because winter temperature is inferior, lube viscosity increases easily, the lube viscosity that chooses accordingly wants under the summer. When the microtherm property that chooses lube, pour point should compare the lowermost temperature that when using, encounters even a few lower, celsius of general low 8~10 is more perhaps.

Some users in the absense of experience, use more after breakdown happening change the processing means of lube, the result changed after the empty press of lube is running 9 weeks normally, breakdown appears again. Change so often, to production cost brought huge burden.

Changing when lube, start pneumatics chance first to make sure the effect is OK and move one hour, the end that such doing is to make lube restores normal temperature, and control engine system to whole sky (especially lubricant system) do simple, clean in the round, add new lubricating oil again so, can make its life is lengthened, right whole the performance that reduces a system also has marked improvement.

Cold winter, pneumatics opportunity gives trouble more easily, user of terminal of because this is right empty press put forward more hi-tech requirement, at the same time need strengthens check of pneumatics machine make one’s rounds, accomplish early processing of breakdown early discovery, because overmuch influence stopping gas is produced,avoid, cause needless loss then.

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