If pneumatics good luck arrives when the case that cannot start, how should do? Not flurried, let personnel of pneumatics machine technology tell you.

1. Examine power source, if be the condition that power source did not put through, can close electrify source switch tells power source with receiving.

2. Control loop fuse fusing: Need changes instantly fuse, find out a reason and solve.

3. Hot overload relay disconnects: Correct overload account, reset heats up overload electric equipment.

4. If be voltage too low, need asks Electricity Department door to check input voltage, carry voltage to compare with electric machinery, examination voltage crosses small account.

5. Whether be power source breakdown, at that time need checks power supply part.

6. Whether be because wiring place has,become loose. This moment should check all wiring end points, the place that if have,shakes originallies his closely.

7. Temperature sensor breakdown: Need checks sensor, if appear breakdown, need contacts maintenance of professional maintenance technician.

8. Transformer breakdown: Examination transformer is sub voltage.

9. Hot overload relay disconnects: Correct overload account, reset heats up overload electric equipment.

Move to ensure set is regular and have long service life, good care and maintenance is crucial. So do we need what to preparation make before maintenance? Want to carry out screw seriously to compress the regulations of care and maintenance of aircrew. Before proceed is safeguarded, had made the following preparation at least:

1. Must cut off lead plane power source first and the mark is hanged in mains switch place.

2. Shut the shut-off valve that leads to air feed system to compress air to pour the part that regurgitate is overhauled in case, scarcely should rely on one-way a powerful person to keep apart air feed system.

3. Open a hand to move put empty a powerful person, discharge the pressure inside empty system, maintain put empty a powerful person to be in open condition.

4. To water-cooling machine, must shut water supply, release conduit road pressure.

5. Ensure compressor group is cooling already, prevent scald, burnable.

6. Rub-up ground oily mark, water is slash, prevent to slip.

When maintaining this 4.1 want to notice surely:

1, do not think the machine stays machine, think to be able to undertake the overhaul, maintain the job, the automation system of the machine can start compressor at any time.

2, what undesirable care and maintenance can affect unit not only is normal move, and the safety that affects operation staff possibly still.

3, move in compressor or when belt pressing, do not disassemble nut, cheer a place of strategic importance and other spare parts.

4, cannot use flammability dissolvent, if benzine or kerosene clean inhaler or other component.

All operation should use installation by the specification, do not want oneself to be developed on the spot, cause trouble of pneumatics machine more easily, when how be if do not know this really,being maintained, the after service personnel that can contact pneumatics machine is you to solve.

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