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14 01, 2023

Machine of pneumatics of screw of two class fuel injection is energy-saving technology, you must understand!

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Air compressor is the facility with a kind of huge power consumption, its occupy China to generate electricity about with n 7% of gross, its form basically has type of piston, circumgyrate, blade type to wait. Screw compressor is a kind of circumgyrate type compressor, general application is in China each industry domain. Current, the screw of 160kW above reduces functional effect rank inferior, only the product of individual business can reach II level can effect, product of absolutely large number basically is in III class can effect level. Use this technology at present

5 01, 2023

How is interface of machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw operated?

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A lot of just entered the empty press of travel to operate personnel, compare nervous angst for fear that to be operated by accident when operating pneumatics aircraft, cause equipment trouble. Machine of next pneumatics of fuel injection screw are shared to operate circuit below. 1, after installation of pneumatics machine new machine is finished, examine face plate to have indication place, switch machine pushbutton, and urgent stop the composition such as pushbutton, setting pushbutton. 2, normal switch machine needs general pneumatics machine to be operated on face plate, special situation except. Be like occurrence emergency, need stops instantly


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