A lot of just entered the empty press of travel to operate personnel, compare nervous angst for fear that to be operated by accident when operating pneumatics aircraft, cause equipment trouble. Machine of next pneumatics of fuel injection screw are shared to operate circuit below.

1, after installation of pneumatics machine new machine is finished, examine face plate to have indication place, switch machine pushbutton, and urgent stop the composition such as pushbutton, setting pushbutton.

2, normal switch machine needs general pneumatics machine to be operated on face plate, special situation except. Be like occurrence emergency, need stops instantly machine, can cause safe accident otherwise, can press at this moment urgent stop machine pushbutton. Machine of pneumatics of screw of every fuel injection is corresponding those who deploy is urgent stop pushbutton, offer urgent disuse only.

3, when switching on the mobile phone to ensure screw of every fuel injection is empty press unit gets lost correct, voltage stability, electric current is normal, normally we can be examined through face plate. But when switching on the mobile phone for the first time, need to notice, the positive and negative of aircrew electric machinery turns, aircrew compresses the mark on lead plane to have when leave factory turn to arrowhead, switch on the mobile phone first the attention changes direction, press the button that start first, press immediately next stop urgently, of electric machinery of another person observation change direction correct, if turn reversely, need commutation, report of three-phase of the 380V that take a line, two-phase position exchanges from the back can.

4, before machine of the pneumatics that start, whether is the valve that should check place of pneumatics machine vent opened ensure often open position, otherwise pneumatics machine is started, aircrew pressure cannot be released, will bring about start aside of relief valve of upper part of oil gas bucket, in-house screw oily belt goes out.

5, open aircrew box door, whether does examination interior have run, phenomenon of leakage, drop, if above phenomenon informs manufacturer personnel spot of processing instantly,

6, aircrew box door is opened, whether is the place that checks screw oil inside safe line, otherwise aircrew switchs on the mobile phone to cause high temperature possibly to stop engine trouble.

Above is introduction of interface of machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw and operation.

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