Compress air to regard production production as one of dynamical sources of the enterprise, need perserves successive movement will assure the stability of air feed atmospheric pressure, this is the postulate that company production runs, and the air that serves as main production facility reduces unit is the core equipment that assumes this one job, need successive reliable movement ceaselessly, move in order to assure what without reason barrier stabilizes. Since be locomotive equipment, with respect to need power supply runs, power consumption is cost raises core greatly.

It is at the same time in process of successive air feed, the whole air feed of enterprise interior provides network system, whether to existence is divulged and disable use, let what production comes out compress air for nothing divulge again, this is another core that cost raises. For the effective use cost that reduces pneumatics unit, the author undertakes demonstrative from the following.

1. In equipment technical reformation, need pays close attention to the aircrew of tall efficiency, let machine of screw type pneumatics replace piston machine for instance, this is equipment development trend. Although the industry has entered screw machine period near 20 years, but at present many Chinese users still are using piston machine. Machine of screw type pneumatics and traditional piston compressor are compared, have a structure simple, bulk small, dependability is taller, stable, safeguard wait for an advantage simply. The market share year after year of machine of screw type pneumatics rises, especially in recent years energy-saving model screw compressor is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, each enterprise is contended for roll out tower above country can the product of effect grade level, this problem should pay close attention to in hoping each equipment is transformed.

2. Compress air to use the leak processing of whole system tubal a network in the process. The factory compresses airy average leakage rate is as high as 20 ~ 30% , so energy-saving first job is processing leak. All pneumatic tools, tube, connect, valve, the alveolus of millimeter of a 1 square, below 7bar pressure, a year of similar loss 4000 yuan. Pipeline of examination pneumatics machine is divulged, the design no time to delay that optimizes pipeline. Leak compresses airy to disable use, pass cost can, with the energy resources of a kind of power of the report, production that use water, rangjibai’s white leak, be how regrettablly thing, hope the height of the person that cause business management takes seriously.

3. Compress air generation of the metropolis after every pass an equipment unit reduces air loss, gas source pressure can be reduced, need to undertake pressing falling administering, namely pipeline creates pressure list each paragraphs. Exit of general pneumatics machine uses a site to the factory, pressure fall cannot exceed 1bar, stricter is to cannot exceed 10% , namely 0.7bar. Leng Gan filters paragraph pressure fall to be 0.2bar commonly, detailed examination is pressed each paragraphs fall, the problem needs to be safeguarded in time. (the specific power consumption that every increase a kilogram of pressure to increase 7%-10% more) .

Compress air equipment type selecting and when evaluating demand of pressure of the equipment that use gas, need considers air feed pressure and the size that offer tolerance integratedly, cannot blind enhances pressure of equipment air feed and general power. Answer to move pressure of exhaust of low altitude press as far as possible below the circumstance that assures production, the cylinder of the very much equipment that use gas wants 3 ~ 4bar only, the manipulator of a few just wants 6bar above. (pressure every are low 1bar, energy-saving about 7 ~ 10% ) . Use gas device to the enterprise, mix with tolerance according to equipment with baric force safeguard production is used can.

4. Equipment type selecting needs to use efficient compressor, in the light of the enterprise production uses gas case, need consideration is mixed with gas fastigium trough period uses a case, can use change work condition, use pneumatics of efficient type of screw of permanent magnetism frequency conversion machine, be helpful for energy-saving.

Current, machine of China’s banner pneumatics of screw of frequency conversion of efficient permanent magnetism, electric machinery of its permanent magnetism is more energy-saving than general electric machinery 10% above, have constant voltage air, won’t create the waste that press difference, make how many energy of life with how many gas, need not add uninstall wait for an advantage. More energy-saving than general empty press 30% above. Frequency conversion production is made to modern production with gas suit especially, the unit that uses tolerance greatly also can introduce centrifugal series, efficient large flow alleviates the height is not worth a problem with gas.

5. Equipment of much stage of times of Internet big data uses concentration to control, it is method of modern business management raises a very good kind. Machine of pneumatics of will much stage centers linkage to control, the pressure of exhaust of type of a flight of stairs that when can avoiding parameter of machine of much stage pneumatics to install, creates rises, cause output air the sources of energy to waste. Much stage air compresses the couplet of aircrew to accuse, linkage of aftertreatment facilities facilities is controlled, the monitoring of air feed system flow rate, monitoring of air feed pressure, monitoring of air feed temperature can avoid equipment effectively to run all sorts of appearing problems, raise equipment to run reliability.

6. Drop empty press inlet temperature. The environment with pneumatics located machine puts park commonly indoor more appropriate, temperature of interior of general pneumatics station prep above outdoor, can consider outdoor gather gas. Do fine installation to safeguard cleanness, increase pneumatics machine to come loose hot effect, water-cooling, air is cold the commutative result that waits for heat exchanger, keep oleaginous etc, these can reduce loss of the sources of energy. The moving principle of machine of according to pneumatics, pneumatics machine is inspiratory nature air, course multistage is handled, multistage is compressed formed the equipment of air supply other with high-pressured clean force finally. In this the air of the nature in whole process can be compressed to absorb much to change the heat energy that come over by electric energy ceaselessly, compress air temperature to lift subsequently, it is adverse that persistent high temperature runs normally to equipment, drop in temperature ceaselessly to equipment with respect to need, at the same time again inspiratory natural air drops inlet temperature, rise entering tolerance is better position.

7. The more than heat in reducing a process reclaims. Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims is to use efficient more than heat to reclaim commonly equipment, rely on to absorb pneumatics machine to abandon Relaijia to heat up cold water, use up without additional energy resources. Basically solve employee life, industrial the problem such as hot water, save a large number of the sources of energy for the enterprise, thereby greatly managing enterprise outputs cost.

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Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims aircrew:

(1) pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims aircrew, it is one kind uses heat energy of oil gas of compressor high temperature, exchange the energy-saving equipment that makes full use of heat energy through heat. It passes energy exchange and energy-saving control, collect pneumatics machine to run the heat energy of the generation in the process, improve the operating conditions of pneumatics machine at the same time, be a kind relatively efficient useless heat is used, the energy-saving facility that 0 cost run.

(2) utility origin can be compressor of air of type of fuel injection screw, can be the compressor of fuel injection screw of central air conditioning, also can be the more than heat of center of the sources of energy or enterprise other equipment. Hot water can use drying of water, sirocco, central heating to supply as the life, hot water of complement of ark of wind of wet combination of constant temperature constant, boiler, rinsing equipment uses hot water to wait. (machine of pneumatics of a 75kW, the quantity of heat that a day of more than heat reclaims can use hot water for making an appointment with 500 people)

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(3) with the heat energy of high temperature oil gas in compressing, through heating up exchange heat energy delivers normal temperature hot water, implementation heat energy is used. Electromotor drives screw machine to rotate, air classics filter is shrunk by middling pressure of inspiratory screw compressor high-pressured air, mix with circular oil form gas mixture of oil gas of high-pressured high temperature, enter oil gas segregator. Oil gas mixture gas is mixed into oil gas by depart after air, among them compression air comes loose via aftercooler user of the supply after heat, and circular oil gas is departed in oil gas segregator, after condensing into liquid state, again the condenser before classics comes loose heat and filter filter, return compressor, complete process of a loop. Aircrew of hot water of compressor heat energy is oil of high temperature loop (compress gas with high temperature) introduce inside aircrew of heat energy hot water, the heat energy that the place in process of pneumatics accident travel produces is absorbed adequately by machine of heat energy hot water, at the same time compressor is able to drop in temperature.

(4) aircraft of screw type pneumatics runs a course for a long time continuously in, it is electric energy changeover mechanical energy, mechanical energy changeover is heat energy, in mechanical energy changeover is heat energy process in, air gets intense maximum pressure compresses made temperature to rise suddenly, this is phenomenon of changeover of energy of common physics machinery. The high speed of mechanical screw rotates, also chafe at the same time calorific, the high fever of these generation by pneumatics engine lubricating oil join mix oil / airframe of gas steam eduction, this part high temperature is oily / the 1/4 that the quantity of heat of air current is equivalent to empty press power input, its temperature is in normally 80 ℃ (winter) 100 ℃ of ~ (summerly fall) . These heat energy run the requirement of temperature as a result of the machine, in be being discarded discharge past air by ground of for no reason, namely of pneumatics machine medicinal powder the temperature requirement that hot system will come to finish a machine to move.

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Anyhow, rise compressing air to use efficiency is an enterprise energy-saving one of important step that decrease a platoon, need the attention of the controller, person that use and handlers many sided, take significant step, raise pneumatics machine utilization rate, reach safeguard production, reduce the goal of use cost.

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