Air compressor is the facility with a kind of huge power consumption, its occupy China to generate electricity about with n 7% of gross, its form basically has type of piston, circumgyrate, blade type to wait. Screw compressor is a kind of circumgyrate type compressor, general application is in China each industry domain.

Current, the screw of 160kW above reduces functional effect rank inferior, only the product of individual business can reach II level can effect, product of absolutely large number basically is in III class can effect level. Apply this technology to be able to realize energy-saving capacity at present 120 thousand Tce/a, carbon dioxide decreases an about 320 thousand T/a.

1, technical principle

Compressor of air of fuel injection screw uses two class to compress those who will raise compressor can effect, its can of effect rise be based on two following main reasons: Be each grade pressure ratio reduce, improved cubage efficiency, the inside and outside that reduced each level divulges; 2 it is in oil gas mixture is entered in one class exhaust before 2 class are inspiratory, can mix adequately, have the cooling effect between class, mixture of oil gas of this one relatively sufficient compound enters the 2nd class of compressor to undertake compression, also make the compression of the 2nd class the process is close to isothermal process more, raised compressor can effect.

2, crucial technology

  ·1, ; of technology of efficient rotor molded lines

  ·2, technology of key of the refrigeration between class: In compress the installation on aeriform passageway to many eject aperture forms shade of mist record spurt, drop in temperature in order to come true quickly. Whole process is close to isotherm, energy-saving effect is better;

  ·3, construction of system optimizes a technology, include pressure ratio allocation to optimize eat dishes without rice or wine of technology, exhaust to optimize quantity of technology, fuel injection to optimize a technology to wait among them.

3, technological process

This technology craft basically includes: Reduce air flow, lube flow and control pipeline flow.

(1) reduces air flow

After air passes the filter that take energy of life to divide the dirt in atmosphere or foreign matter filter, by the control that take energy of life a powerful person enters compressor one class lead plane, the cooling lube that enters with gush in reducing a process mixes, emit into connection antrum via compressing the gas mixture after to compress antrum from one class, lube mixed cooling is entered with gush inside connection antrum, enter 2 class lead plane to receive gas pitch, compress via going, increase pressure, compress antrum to emit into canister of oil gas depart from two class.

(2) lube flow

The lube inside oil gas bucket by extrude, classics is lukewarm accuse a powerful person, oily condenser, after refrigeration again grain of impurity of eliminate of classics oily filter, divide two next. Compress into one class from gush of airframe lower end all the way room, refrigeration compresses air, connect one class and two class airframe two end, ; of lubricant bearing group passes pipeline another times, gush enters connection antrum, reduce one class to compress aeriform temperature. After that the lube of departmental cent gathers at compressing room bottom again, by vent eduction. After compressing air to emit into oil gas bucket with oily compound, the oily precipitation of the majority enrages the bottom of the canister at oil, the repass of oiliness mist air of the others is oily fine segregator, the rest below farther filter is oily, participate in next loop.

(3) controls pipeline flow

Starting → load runs → discharge carry to go.

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